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Teeka Tiwari

Teeka Tiwari is the editor of Palm Beach Research Group’s flagship service The Palm Beach Letter, small-cap and cryptocurrency newsletter Palm Beach ConfidentialPalm Beach Crypto Income, options advisory Alpha Edge, Palm Beach Pioneer, and Palm Beach Infinity.

A former hedge fund manager and Wall Street executive, Teeka became the youngest vice president in the history of Shearson Lehman at 20. In 1998, he made a small fortune going short during the Asian crisis. But then, he “got greedy” (in his own words) and hung on for too long. Within a three-week span, he lost all he had made – and everything else he owned. He was ultimately compelled to file personal bankruptcy.

Two years after losing everything, Teeka rebuilt his wealth in the markets and went on to launch a successful hedge fund. After these events, he developed a newfound appreciation for risk. He made risk management his No. 1 priority.

Today, Teeka’s personal mission is to help teach individual investors how to grow their money safely through asymmetrical investments. This is his strategy for making life-changing profits without putting your current lifestyle at risk.

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