William MikulaChief Analyst, Alpha Edge, Palm Beach Venture, and Palm Beach Special Ops

William Mikula

William Mikula is the chief analyst of Alpha Edge, Palm Beach Venture, and Palm Beach Special Ops.

William came on as lead analyst in August 2013. After that, his Palm Beach options trading service went on a win streak of nearly 200 full-cycle trades in a row.

His previous experience includes founding, running, and selling various businesses. He understands what makes businesses “work”… and what numbers to focus on when measuring a company’s overall health. He’s a voracious reader and has a passion for analyzing all types of companies.

Originally from upstate New York, William graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in business administration. He also attained a certificate in paralegal studies from Kennesaw State University. He and his wife currently reside in Atlanta.

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