Our Business Principles

Although the following may sound like a “disclaimer” of sorts, we want you to know that no lawyer is asking us to say it. The purpose of publishing this is to give you a moment to think about what you may be expecting from us and what we believe we can give you. There is nothing we want more than to welcome you to our family of happy subscribers but the best way we can ensure your happiness is to be clear about what we can and cannot do for you at the outset of our relationship.

The Palm Beach Letter is a general circulation publication whose goal is to provide its subscribers with useful advice about building wealth, living well and investing.

The publishers and staff of Palm Beach Research Group appreciate the trust readers put in them and are committed to earning that trust by:

  • NEVER profiting from stock recommendations by trading around your buying and selling activity, i.e. pumping and dumping.

  • NEVER accepting money—even in the form of advertising—from stock or bond promoters, brokers or dealers of any sort.

  • NEVER revealing personal information about subscribers— including email addresses—to any third party.

  • ALWAYS revealing the investment performance of our recommendations fully and clearly, even when it is less than impressive.

  • ALWAYS providing clear and useful explanations of all the strategies we recommend.

  • ALWAYS telling you the truth about the world of wealth, even if it might ruffle feathers.

  • ALWAYS treating customers with respect and appreciation.

  • ALWAYS honoring our guarantees and promises quickly and without question.

In addition to essays and stories that illustrate important ideas, we provide specific advice on a wide range of investment strategies, vehicles, and securities.

Because we are publishers and not financial advisors, we do not provide investment advice tailored to your personal situation. We make specific recommendations, but those should not be construed as personal investment advice. Because our advice is public, some of the particular strategies or recommendations may not be appropriate for any particular individual. Even when we answer questions from readers, our advice is meant to be of general purpose and not specific to any individual.

In addition to publishing editorial material, Palm Beach Research Group carries advertising, either for our own publications or those of other publishers. We are very proud of the quality of the publications we produce. We believe they are the best in the business. And because we are proud of them, we are happy to sell them enthusiastically. Some readers may be surprised or even offended by some of the advertising. It may sometimes feel sensational. It may sometimes feel pandering. It may sometimes feel manipulative.

We are not insensitive to these concerns, but we recognize that these are subjective feelings and that, in order to sell our services, we must set the bar somewhere. We apologize if any of our advertising upsets you. Please feel free to let us know if and when that happens.

As to outside advertising, we cannot make claims for the businesses that place them. We can only promise to do our best to include advertising from companies we respect and to tell you the truth about our relationship with them.

One of the core tenets of our wealth-building philosophy concerns risk. We don’t like it. We dispute the commonly stated investment axiom that you need to take more risk to reap a greater reward. We believe that the contrary is true: that long-term wealth building relies on reducing risk at every opportunity.

That stated, it must be acknowledged that investments, by their very nature, are risky. And some are riskier than others. That is why we rate the investments we recommended as “Super Safe,” “Safe,” “Market,” and “Speculative.”

We hope this rating system helps our readers understand the level of risk they are taking, but we acknowledge that rating risk is an art and not a science, and that it is possible to lose some or all of one’s money on investments that we deem as safe.

At Palm Beach Research Group we are diligent in citing sources and checking facts. Still, we cannot guarantee that we won’t occasionally print information that is unintentionally inaccurate in some way. The prudent reader will always double-check any important financial information, such as stock prices or balance sheet facts, before making final decisions.