Even If You Aren’t Rich, You Can Still Buy These Two Things

Nick’s Note: This week in the Daily, we showed you how to turn a losing position into an opportunity. If you sell your losing stocks now, you can use the write-off to offset the tax liability on your gains and pocket the difference.

And speaking of gains… our subscribers have had the chance to make 1,000%-plus returns this year. But there’s still more profit to be had out there as bitcoin soars and the self-driving car trend takes off.

We capped the week with the ever-insightful Bill Bonner, who tells us the two things money is useful for… and why you don’t need much to achieve either.

Monday, November 27, 2017

How Bitcoin Is Saving Lives in Venezuela
Venezuela’s economy is in shambles. Unemployment is through the roof. Food shortages are common. And inflation is expected to top 2,800% next year. So, it’s no surprise Venezuelans are turning to bitcoin to survive. It’s estimated that 100,000 Venezuelans are now mining bitcoin. And some are earning $500 per month doing this. That’s a fortune in Venezuela. Here’s how you can profit from this trend

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Why You Should Sell Your Losing Stocks Today
For most people, it’s tough to sell a stock that’s losing money. When you sell at a loss, you’re admitting you’ve made a mistake. And that stings… But here’s why you should jettison those losers today… A 2002 University of Illinois study found that the biggest losers tend to underperform winners by as much as 1.5% per month. That’s 20% per year. So, now you know why you should sell your losers. The next question is: When?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

We Made a Lot of Money This Year—Here’s Our Problem
It’s been a great year for Palm Beach Research Group subscribers… The average crypto in our small-cap Palm Beach Confidential portfolio is up 1,547%. And our Palm Beach Letter portfolio, which focuses on safer, more conservative assets like income-producing stocks, is up an average of 52%. Unfortunately, when we make money, the taxman wants his cut as well. But there are a couple of things you can do to lower your tax bill. One of the easiest and quickest this is through a strategy called “tax-loss harvesting.” And you can do it in less than an hour

Thursday, November 30, 2017

This Non-Automaker Will Make $12.7 Billion From Self-Driving Cars
By 2035, self-driving cars will make up 25% of the global car market. To capitalize off this trend, most investors will be tempted to buy self-driving carmakers. But the safer way to play this trend is to buy the companies that make the technology that goes into self-driving cars. One of the biggest players in this space is chipmaker Nvidia (NVDA). Here’s why it’s auto division will multiply 40 times over the next eight years

Friday, December 01, 2017

Can You Live Well on Social Security Alone?
There are two things money can do for you: It can buy comfort and/or status. To make a long story short, neither is worth a nickel, so to speak. Longtime PBRG friend Bill Bonner says comfort is easily attained. But our want of status is infinite. Here’s why Bill says it’s remarkably cheap, too


Marijuana Is the Fastest-Growing Industry in the World
The cannabis industry is growing faster than high-tech companies during the dot-com boom. Lawyers, scientists, and executives are pouring in. Landlords in this industry make up to 260% more revenue. Farmers bring in 10 times more money. Retail stores have higher revenue per square foot than Whole Foods stores. No wonder the best marijuana stocks averaged 29,000% peak gains. But when California legalizes recreational pot on January 1, it’s expected to unleash the biggest marijuana boom in history. Fortunes will be made. Click here to find out more on 3 of the hottest stocks in the world’s fastest-growing industry

Silicon Valley Rocket Scientist’s December 19th Prediction Could Lead to 35,000% Growth
Watch him lay out his bold prediction in full detail here.

How Jeff was able to retire 2 decades early
Thanks to his “secret key” technique, Jeff Clark was able to retire 2 decades early… at the age of 42. He stayed home with his beautiful wife and two sons and coached Little League in his free time. Jeff is an extremely private person. On this rare occasion, he was willing to come forward and reveal the full story of his “secret key” technique responsible for 389 winners and counting… and generating millions. The most surprising part? His “secret key” doesn’t involve stocks or bonds… ETFs… mutual funds… or any other conventional approach. Click here to see Jeff reveal his “secret key.”

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