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Monday, August 7, 2017

The Dollar’s Decline Will Boost the Profits of These 10 Companies
After peaking on January 3, the U.S. Dollar Index has fallen from $104 to below $93. That 10% drop is a very large move for a currency. Here’s why that’s important: The dollar might be the most important thing for U.S. investors to watch. A change in the dollar affects the price of everything else—from the food you buy in a grocery store… to the gas you put in your car… to the stocks you hold in your portfolio—including these 10 stocks that will soar on the weak dollar

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Buy This Beaten-Down Stock to Profit From the Next Great Megatrend
Right now, electric cars make up just 1% of the global car market. By 2035, they’ll make up 35%. To play this trend, most people will go out and buy an electric car maker like Tesla. But that would be a mistake… Our friends over at Casey Research have found an even better way to get into the electric car revolution: Glencore, one of the world’s biggest mining companies

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

This Common Misconception Is Robbing You of Massive Profits
Bitcoin is up 693% since Palm Beach Letter editor Teeka Tiwari recommended it in April 2016. And one crypto token he recommended is up 14,354.2%… since February 2017. That’s no typo. Despite those life-changing gains, we still get emails from cryptocurrency skeptics. One of their biggest complaints is that bitcoin is just “digits on a screen.” Here, we dispel that notion

Thursday, August 10, 2017

This Indicator Says the Bull Market Is Still on Track for More Gains
In 1947, this indicator started to rise… and the stock market jumped 265% over the following 18 years.
In 1983, this indicator started to rise again… and the stock market rallied 360% over the following 18 years. In 2011, the indicator started its latest rise. And the market has gained 95% since then. What’s this indicator? It’s debt. And if history is a guide, as long as debt continues to grow,
so will the market

Friday, August 11, 2017

Doug Casey’s 9 Secrets for Successful Speculation
“Assume bulshytt,” “stack the odds in your favor,” and “you can’t kiss all the girls.” Those are three of the nine secrets legendary speculator Doug Casey has used to amass his fortune. You can find out how Doug has used these three provocative ideas—and the other six secrets on his list—to become a legendary speculator right here

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Casey’s controversial new investment secret could help you make average gains of 106%…
For the past nine months, Casey Research has been developing a remarkable new way to pick stocks. This method has produced average gains of 106% with 91.4% accuracy. And now the Casey team has used this research system to identify the next four stocks you may want to buy immediately. Click here to watch an exclusive free training on this new method, and get the name of one stock identified by the system for FREE.

You won’t believe how he outperformed every hedge fund WORLDWIDE
We scored an interview with the one man who beat the markets by nearly 1,200% in 2016… and outperformed every single hedge fund in the world. Wall Street’s No. 1 trader will explain how he achieved the impossible… and how you can too. Click here for details (while there’s still time).

Gov’t to Mandate Self-Driving Functions in Every Car by End of 2017?
The U.S. gov’t is on the verge of passing a law that will shock the auto industry.
You see, by the end of 2017, every single car in America could be required to have this advanced computer on board. As a result, one company could see its share price rise as much as 1,500% or more over time.

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