The Best Way to Ride the Motor City’s Economic Recovery

DETROIT—He raised his hands and shot me. I was dead.

Dale Brown is the founder and CEO of the private security company Detroit Threat Management.

Detroit is the latest stop on my Rust Belt Tour. And I figured if anyone knew how the Motor City’s economy was doing, it would be a guy patrolling the streets.

That’s why I asked Dale to be my guide. (And he also showed me how not to arrest a criminal suspect; more on that in a moment.)

His company has been hired to protect businesses and communities in the area. So he has a firsthand look at what’s going on in the city every day.

Detroit is one of those industrial cities the media say are struggling.

But that’s not what I saw. The economy appears to be recovering. Jobs are coming back. And pro-business policies will only speed up the process.

I’m on the ground to pull back the curtain and show you what’s really going on… And that appears to be a healthy and vibrant economy.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve traveled to Indianapolis, Middletown, Ohio, Milwaukee, New Lennox, Illinois, and Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, to see how the economy is doing (and potential ways to profit from what I uncover). And I’m seeing the same thing here in the Motor City.

That’s why you should ignore the doom and gloom coming from the media.

In a moment, we’ll get to how Detroit is doing. But first, my cop training…

My Ride-Along

Today, Dale was training me how to apprehend a suspect.

He handed me a handgun and said, “You’re a police officer, you’re approaching me, and my hands are behind my back. What do you do?”

I pointed the gun at him, and in my best Hollywood cop voice, I said, “Put your hands up!”

Unbeknownst to me, he had a handgun tucked into his belt. He raised his hands like I requested, and then before I knew it… he shot me.

Although the guns looked and felt real, they weren’t. We tried this a few more times. Same result—I died.

After the quick crash course on how to stop a criminal, we hopped in Dale’s Hummer H2 and took a tour of the city.

The offices of Detroit Threat Management

We started in an up-and-coming area along the riverfront downtown. Developers are tearing down old warehouses and turning them into green spaces or apartments.

Dale said all the renovations started a couple years ago.

Detroit was in a rut as auto factories closed over the years. But starting last year, the Motor City started to take off.

The Detroit Development Agency estimates that new construction deals signed last year totaled over $1 billion.

That includes the new Little Caesar’s Arena where the Detroit Red Wings hockey team and Detroit Pistons basketball team will play their home games.

And businesses are coming back to the downtown area, too.

The two biggest additions in the past year are Microsoft and automotive seat maker Adient. They’re bringing 200 and 500 jobs, respectively, to the area.

The 2014 election of Mayor Mike Duggan increased the pace of development in Detroit. Before Duggan came to office, Detroit was in chaos.

His predecessor, Kwame Kilpatrick, pretended to be a pro-business mayor but only wanted to line his pockets.

He gave over $73 million in city contracts to cronies… and got $9.6 million in kickbacks.

Eventually, he was convicted of racketeering and extortion and sentenced to 28 years in prison.

Dale told me that Duggan is a true businessman. The mayor is the former CEO of the Detroit Medical Center and knows how to run a company. And he’s made it safe again to do business in Detroit.

With a pro-business mayor and a pro-business president, even more jobs should come to Detroit.

Once again, what I’m seeing is a strong, vibrant economy in one of the hardest-hit manufacturing economies in the country.

An Economic Rebirth

Yes, Detroit has some completely vacant neighborhoods like this one we drove through.

Dale and I took a trip through some of Detroit’s blighted neighborhoods

But things are shifting; it’s growing. Businesses are coming back, and so are the people.

In fact, one of the neighborhoods Dale’s company protects is called Palmer Woods.

When he started patrolling the community in 2010, there were 33 vacant houses. Now, there are only two. (I’ll have more on this in tomorrow’s Daily.)

Detroit is strong, just like Indianapolis. It’s another confirmation that America is already experiencing an industrial renaissance.

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Nick Rokke, CFA
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

P.S. In case you’re wondering, the correct way to approach a suspect with his hands behind his back is with your weapon drawn. You order the suspect not to move, and then move behind him to check his person for weapons. If he’s armed, it will be near impossible for him to attack you.


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And finally, more feedback on my Rust Belt Tour…

From James P.: I’m responding to Nick Rokke’s article “Five Reasons Why U.S. Manufacturing Is on the Rebound.” China and its 1.8 billion insatiable people are sucking up Americans’ jobs and wealth like a black hole. I hope President Trump is doing something right to stop these bleedings.


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