Trump can’t beat THIS trade deal

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  Imagine it’s 1982 and you owned these six stocks… How would you do in 10 years?

Let’s say you have a portfolio with equal dollar amounts in these six stocks: Chrysler, General Public Utilities, Pan American, Massey Ferguson, International Harvester, and White Motor. How do you think they would have performed between 1982 and 1993?

Before you answer, here’s a clue: Both Pan American and White Motor go to zero. Put another way, one-third of your portfolio would become worthless. And here’s another clue: The S&P 500 would return 17% annually from 1982 to 1993. Given those two clues, do you think that six-stock portfolio beat the S&P 500?

The answer may surprise you…


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  “After a lifetime of trying to look good but different every day, I’m looking forward to picking a uniform…”

Most people have wardrobes with dozens of pants, shirts, and suits. But when you have lots of choices, dressing each morning takes time—even if you are an organization nut and have all your clothing sorted. PBRG founder Mark Ford says that’s time wasted.

In fact, Mark says you can create your own personal uniform. Not a uniform in a strict, militaristic sense… but a distinct and recognizable style that doesn’t really differ from day to day. Not only will it save you 10 to 15 valuable minutes every morning, it could reduce a bit of stress and eliminate the fear of having a bad clothing day.


$  Have You Heard of Federal Clause #106?
A little-known law just made retirement more difficult, by “hiding” some of the world’s best investment opportunities from you… Click here to learn more.


  “It’s not what he doesn’t know that gets a man into trouble… it’s what he thinks he knows that ain’t so…

“And, usually, he thinks he knows that someone other than himself is doing something he oughtn’t.”

Longtime PBRG friend Bill Bonner says that’s the case with Donald Trump… who thinks GM shouldn’t be making cars in Mexico because it causes U.S. jobs to migrate south of the border.

But, as Bill asks, why is a job north of the Rio Grande better than a job south of it? Only one person can have a job. “If it’s not you, what do you care if it goes to someone in Detroit or someone in Guadalajara?” According to Bill, that’s never been adequately explained.


$  Trump’s $128 Billion "Gift"
On Donald Trump’s first day in office, he’s expected to give one company a special "gift" – potentially worth $128 billion. This same "gift" could send the shares of this tiny $1 stock through the roof. This could be the best stock market investment of Trump’s entire presidency.


  Donald Trump has built a massive empire using the art of the deal…

Now, he’s about to use his deal-making skills to rebuild America’s hollowed-out economy. The president-elect said he’d use tax cuts to convince U.S. companies stashing their cash abroad to bring it back. And you can bet there will be strings attached…

Companies will likely have to put that money to work building, creating, and investing in their futures here at home… where the money came from in the first place. If that happens, certain infrastructure companies stand to see major increases in revenue.


$  JFK predecessor’s chilling warning
Right before JFK took office, General Eisenhower warned him about a secretive segment of the U.S. government. Kennedy tried to take them on…and failed. Today, this hidden branch has only grown in power, threatening your wealth and access to your savings. Here’s the whole story…

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