Investing Calculators

We created six dynamic investment calculators to help you better understand your investments and your returns.

These tools will help you:

  1. Compare returns with and without dividend reinvestment.

  2. Calculate exactly what an investment will be worth at a specific future time.

  3. Determine what your current investing plan will yield in future years.

  4. Calculate an investment’s position size relative to your portfolio.

  5. Determine how your investment will grow thanks to the magic of compound interest.

  6. Compare an investment’s growth in three separate accounts with different tax treatments.

Dividend Reinvestment Calculator

How much will your dividend-paying stock shares be worth down the road?

It depends if you reinvest your dividends… or if you pocket them, instead. This calculator will show you how much your final stake will be worth in either case.

Investment Return Calculator

What will your investment be worth five years from now? How about 25 years from now? Should you add to it annually? And how much will inflation and taxes eat into your gains?

This calculator will show you exactly how much an investment will be worth down the road—in any scenario.

Investment Variables Calculator

How much money will your current investment plan produce before and after taxes and inflation?

Tell the calculator how much you’re investing initially and periodically, and what time frame you’re working with.

Position Size Calculator

How much of a new investment should you buy?  Use this calculator to “work backward” based on how much of your total portfolio you want to risk on this one position. It will give you the number of shares to purchase, and a trailing stop price to use.

Compound Interest Calculator

See how the magic of compound interest will grow your investment over many years. Specify your initial investment, your anticipated annual rate of return, and your level of additional investment.  Observe how your total stake will grow over multiple years, or decades.

Investment Compare Calculator

See how an investment will perform in a taxable account, a tax-deferred account, and a tax-free account.