Investment Variables Calculator
By The Palm Beach Research Group Team

How much money will your current investment plan produce before and after taxes and inflation?

Tell the calculator how much you’re investing initially and periodically, and what time frame you’re working with.

Investment Goal, $: Your final investment goal in dollars

Number of Years to Accumulate: How long you have to achieve this goal

Amount of Initial Investment, $: How much money you’re starting with

Periodic Contribution, $: How much money you’re contributing regularly to this account

Rate of Return on Investment, %: The percentage return you anticipate receiving on this investment

Investment Frequency: How often you’ll be contributing to this account (i.e., quarterly)

Expected Inflation Rate, %: The inflation rate you anticipate being present during this time

Interest Is Compounded: How often this interest will be compounded on itself (i.e., annually)

Federal Marginal Tax Rate, %: The federal tax rate you’re paying on marginal income

State Marginal Tax Rate, %: The state tax rate you’re paying on marginal income