A few years ago, I had an epiphany…

I glanced up at one of the televisions in my office and watched the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen.

There was one stock that kept crossing the tape. It was a tiny $3 stock, but it was up over $2 on the day.

That’s right… This tiny stock was trading below $1 per share the previous day. And it was up more than 200%.

“That’s interesting,” I thought to myself at the time.

The next day, I noticed another low-priced stock that was trading sharply higher. It was trading for about $2 per share the day before… and was crossing the tape above $4.

The longer I watched the tickers, the more I noticed how there were several low-priced stocks showing super-sized gains, or “flipping.”

And I started thinking, “These tiny stocks are showing option-like returns.”

Now… I’ve spent my entire career trading options. I love it, and my track record tells me I’m pretty good at it. During my time in the publishing business, I’ve shown readers over 700-plus winning trades.

And, for traders looking to reduce risk and increase their potential reward, options offer the best way to do that.

After all, when you’re looking at trading stocks that trade for $50, $80, $100 per share, and more, options allow you to capture all the upside of a stock’s move while significantly reducing the downside.

The problem, though, is that options expire. If the stock doesn’t move in your direction by that expiration date, you could suffer a loss on the option. You might even lose everything you put in.

But stocks don’t expire. So, with these low-priced stocks, we get the potential for option-sized returns without the risk of an expiration date.

That was my epiphany – getting option-like returns without the time decay. So, I got to work right away, trying to figure out if there was something similar to all these tiny stocks that were popping like popcorn.

There is. And I created a trading system to take advantage of it. I call them FLIP Trades because of how the stocks “FLIP” from low to high, sometimes in a matter of days…

So, I soon started testing my new FLIP Trades System on these low-priced stocks with my own money. And the gains were insane – like 100% in two months, 95% in three months, 56% in nine days, 55% in two days, 133% in less than three months, and so many more in my personal track record.

That was enough to convince me. Not long after that, I started publishing trade ideas using this system to my subscribers. And the results were even better: 85% in just over a month, 131% in a couple of weeks, 158% in a month and a half, and even 148% in just over two months…

Here’s why I’m telling you all this…

Right now, I believe the market is set up in the same position where I can make those types of gains again… If not more. And I want to show you how to use this technique as well. Simply buying low-priced stocks and hoping for the best is not enough… There are more than 4,000 of them out there.

The best part? You don’t need to know any advanced trading techniques to learn about my FLIP Trades System.

Like I said… These are option-like gains from simply buying and selling low-priced stocks. And, based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m confident that over the next year, you could potentially double your money – every two weeks.

After all, the biggest opportunity I’ve seen in my career is right over the horizon… 2,887 stocks have soared 100% or more over the last year… That’s nearly 3,000 chances to double your money. That’s more than 50 times per week on average!

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I hope to see you there.

Best regards and good trading,


Jeff Clark
Editor, Market Minute