We’ll be blunt with you… This week was brutal for investors. Stocks, gold, crypto – you name the asset, and it likely was in the red. The sell-off was epic… But now’s not the time to panic.

Look, we know times like this can be stressful. The coronavirus has markets and entire communities on edge. But history proves that these sell-offs are temporary – and the market will eventually rebound.

And if you follow our asset allocation and risk-management guidelines, you’ll emerge on the other side of this pullback in a much stronger position than you are now.

You see, the long-term trajectory in the stock and crypto markets is up. So don’t let this temporary setback deter you from the bigger picture.

As Daily editor Teeka Tiwari says, the best thing you can do right now is hold still until the carnage is over. In the meantime, enjoy your family and live your life…

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Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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