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$  An Important Warning Before You Buy Gold: Due to recent market volatility, many readers have written in about the best ways to buy gold right now. But before you consider buying gold (or if you own some already), we strongly encourage you to check out what one of the world’s leading experts is saying right now. Click here to view.
  It’s official: This country just sold ALL its gold reserves. Click the link to find out why…
$  How “FBI’s Worst Nightmare” Could Devastate Millions of U.S. Savers: It’s not a currency crisis or a stock market collapse. Experts call it the “FBI’s worst nightmare”… and it will hit unsuspecting Americans the hardest, especially those who hope to retire in the next few years. Click here to find out more.
  This talented artist uses body paint to become invisible… and the results are astounding.
$  Historic FDA decision set to launch tiny $2 stock! If you’ve ever been under the knife, you’ll want to know about this immediately. At this moment, the FDA is preparing an announcement that could end “surgery” forever. At the center of it all sits a tiny $2 company holding critical patents. This company is part of a unique market sector responsible for rare and exceptional trades big enough to turn $1,000 into $1.6 million. Insiders, including the company’s CEO, have already snapped up 96% of the available shares alongside institutions. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. Don’t miss out
  Swimming pools and dog food? These five surprising things are tax deductible.
$  The Attack America Never Saw Coming: Another surprise attack against the U.S. dollar is coming. And soon, too. This attack won’t be from China. Instead, this one will hurt the worst—coming from a sworn “ally” of Americans. Click here to view this short 60-second message on how to prepare for the next “surprise” currency move.
  Something you do every day—when done wrong—is linked to obesity, metabolic disturbance, and poorer overall health. Here’s what to avoid
$  Bill Bonner Predicts: World-Altering Shock #6. Since 1979, there have been five truly world-shattering events. Incredibly… a small, private network of researchers from Baltimore has predicted every single one so far. Today, its founder is predicting a sixth major shock on track to hit right here in the heart of America. Are you, your family, and your money prepared? Find out here.
  This incredible musical instrument runs on 2,000 marbles. See it in action, below…