The U.S. economy continues to sail into uncharted territory. First, the stock market plunged 34% from its all-time high in February – only to rally over 25% since then.

This past week, for the first time in history, oil prices turned negative. And on Thursday, the government released its new jobless claims report. It showed more than 4.4 million Americans had filed for unemployment last week.

Volatility and uncertainty are the “new” normal. But while that unnerves most investors, at PBRG, we greet it as an opportunity. You see, we use asset diversification to protect our wealth. And one way to take advantage of the massive disruption to traditional finance is to diversify into crypto and gold…

While the S&P 500 remains in the red year-to-date, bitcoin (as of this writing) is in the green and gold is up 15%. So if you want to stay hedged against volatility, add some bitcoin and gold to your portfolio. You’ll be glad you did…

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Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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