2020 will go down as one of the most life-altering years in American history.

COVID-19 has turned the world we once knew upside down… We’ve experienced the worst U.S. economic collapse since the Great Depression… And financial markets have been through a whirlwind.

So far this year, the S&P 500 has plunged as much as 34% and rallied as much as 51%.

And with the pandemic still looming, certain industries like airlines, casinos, and department stores have been crippled, while e-commerce, cloud computing, and video gaming companies are thriving.

But at PBRG, we believe we’re about to see the biggest wealth and power shift in U.S. history. And it starts with one revolutionary technology: blockchain.

And those who take the right steps – and position themselves in blockchain technology early – could vastly grow their wealth.

Today, we’ll show you why…

All the Pieces Are Falling Into Place

The blockchain is a digital ledger available to everybody.

It makes transactions faster, safer, cheaper, and more efficient. And it allows anyone to trade, exchange, store, and record anything of value.

Most people know blockchain as the underlying technology for bitcoin and other cryptos. But it’s much more than that. It’s disrupting industries from finance to health care.

And today, we’re seeing developments that will take the blockchain space mainstream – and power the growth of the entire crypto market…

  • Retail adoption. Square’s Cash App reported $875 million in bitcoin revenue in its latest earnings report. PayPal plans to roll out crypto trading to its 325 million users. Robinhood Crypto offers commission-free trades on seven cryptos to its 10 million users. Even Mastercard and Visa recently announced projects and collaborations involving crypto.

  • Institutional adoption. Prominent hedge fund managers and venture capitalists – like Marc Andreessen, Bill Miller, Crispin Odey, Jim Simons, and Paul Tudor Jones – have publicly backed bitcoin. For instance, Tudor Jones said he’s putting 1–2% of his assets in bitcoin.

  • New institutional custodians. In the last two years, Anchorage, Bakkt, Coinbase, Fidelity Digital Assets, and Prime Trust have debuted institutional custodial solutions, too. There are now over 40 crypto custodians available.

  • New products. Bakkt and CME Group introduced bitcoin futures and options. Celsius and CoinLoan offer crypto lending and interest platforms. “Yield farming” – through crypto finance – is a new way to earn income from certain crypto investments.

  • Upcoming IPOs. Bitmain, Coinbase, and Ripple Labs are all slated to go public by next year. And Ant Group – China’s blockchain titan – plans to list in Hong Kong and Shanghai soon. It’s the world’s largest unicorn, valued at $200 billion.

Daily editor Teeka Tiwari has been writing about this convergence since 2016…

When I first wrote about blockchain technology, I put my reputation on the line. People called me crazy. Even my own publisher said I was insane.

But here we are at the dawn of a new decade… and the world is starting to awaken to the power of blockchain tech.

As Teeka points out, we’re still in the early innings of this trend. But this story won’t stay out of the mainstream for too much longer…

How to Prep Your Portfolio

The combination of these forces will unleash a tsunami of investment capital into the blockchain and crypto space.

Retail and institutional crypto adoption is ramping up… New custodians are entering the market… Fresh crypto products are launching… Billionaire hedge fund managers are buying bitcoin… And a handful of crypto companies are preparing to go public soon.

Even with all this great news, most people are still missing the big picture on the revolutionary potential of blockchain – just like they did in the early years of the internet.

Ten years from now, they’ll look back and realize they missed the boat. And by then, it’ll be too late.

Here’s Teeka again…

Whether you choose to invest in this revolutionary, new technology or not… it will change your life…

Hear me when I tell you: If you place a small, calculated bet right now, it could help you live a life of wealth far beyond anything you ever dreamed of.

The window of opportunity to turn tiny $500 grubstakes in crypto into life-changing gains won’t be open much longer.

Don’t be one of the folks who missed this opportunity. Act today and start with a small stake in bitcoin. It will give you broad exposure to the blockchain revolution.



Grant Wasylik
Analyst, Palm Beach Daily

P.S. As I mentioned, a combination of forces will unleash a wave of new capital into crypto and its underlying blockchain technology.

It’s an unstoppable trend that will mint thousands of new millionaires. That’s why Teeka believes we’re about to see the biggest wealth and power shift in American history.

And those who see this shift coming – and take the right steps now – will fantastically grow their wealth.

I strongly urge you to watch Teeka’s new video presentation today. It could be the difference between becoming wealthy in this new world and being left behind…