We’ve made some radical calls over the years – from cryptos and cannabis stocks to investing in private markets previously closed to the public. But a decades-long bull market? It might be our craziest idea ever

Meanwhile, even long-term bulls will step aside when the market gets overheated. As we often say, nothing goes up in a straight line forever. And that’s why you should follow the No. 1 investment lesson shared by Daily editor Teeka Tiwari this past week. It’ll keep you invested in the market with much less risk.

Plus, it’s the type of “outside of the box” thinking that has helped Teeka attain one of the top audited track records in the industry.

All that and more below in our weekly recap…

My Most Radical Idea Ever
When we made this radical call, everyone was skeptical. But if you follow it, you can outperform the best fund managers in the business

The Market Sell-Off Is Here
We’ve seen big-money buying in the markets since the start of the new year, but now the cracks are starting to show. Here’s what the big money is doing now and how you should play it

The Single Most Important Investing Lesson I’ve Never Shared Publicly…
When you find a once-in-a-decade investment, you should stick with it. And this will be the No. 1 investment in the 2020s

The Best Returns Aren’t in the Stock Market
If you’d been able to invest in this private deal, you could’ve made 87x your money. But these kinds of deals were only open to Wall Street’s elite – until now. Here’s how you can finally get in on them

How VCs Turn Hundreds Into Millions
Finding the best deals comes from traveling around the world. And what we learned during a recent trip could be the biggest money-making opportunity of the year


Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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