Since 1996, nearly half of all publicly traded companies in the U.S. have disappeared. What’s causing it? Well, they’ve figured out it’s more profitable to stay private longer.

You see, private companies are getting all the funding they need from their venture capital (VC) backers. And when they finally go public, regular investors pay steep prices to buy shares – while early insiders walk away with big profits. But at the Daily, we’re here to help you turn the tables on the financial elite.

And this past week, we shared a new strategy that can deliver VC-like returns to everyday investors. It involves something called “timed stocks.” And some subscribers have used it to lock in gains of as much as 432%… in less than two months.

If this all sounds too good to be true, then I encourage you to find out how it works right here. And when you’re done, don’t forget to catch up on our other ideas in the weekly recap below…

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Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily

P.S. The new strategy I mentioned above was developed by longtime PBRG friend and Silicon Valley insider Jeff Brown. And it involves a select group of “timed stocks” that few people know about.

Thanks to a government mandate, these stocks have a preset “timer” attached to their share price. And once that timer hits zero, they can explode hundreds of percent in days or even hours.

Jeff revealed all the details during his special presentation on Wednesday night. And nearly 12,000 people tuned in to watch. If you missed it, there’s still time to watch the replay.