Companies clamp down on crypto ads as regulators play catch-up

—Reuters, March 27

Cryptocurrency value slides again after turbulent month

The Independent, March 27

The two headlines above are typical of what we’ve seen recently when it comes to cryptocurrencies. They’re meant to scare people.

Investors fear the government will ban bitcoin and other cryptos. And each new headline about a regulatory crackdown drops the crypto markets 10–20%.

The media will have you believe that crypto regulations are bad…

But I disagree.

Today, I’m going to tell you why regulations will be good for current crypto holders. And I’ll make another bold prediction: Now may be your last, best chance to get into cryptos.

The Wild West

Like I told you in yesterday’s Daily, cryptocurrencies are the first asset that the public has been able to access before Wall Street.

And individuals have been able to reap life-changing gains—normally reserved by big institutions—by investing in early-stage crypto projects.

But it comes at a cost…

Anyone who has bought bitcoin knows it isn’t easy. (And it’s even more difficult to buy some of the smaller cryptocurrencies.)

You have to set up an exchange account to buy it and a wallet to store it correctly… Otherwise, you can lose your bitcoin funds or a hacker can steal them.

And like cash, once your bitcoin is gone, it is gone for good.

Big Wall Street funds can’t take those risks. They can face negligence lawsuits if they lose their clients’ crypto funds or some hacker steals them.

But regulations coming to the marketplace will reduce some of that legal risk. That’s one reason why insiders are embracing them…

Regulations Aren’t Spooking Insiders

Regulations aren’t necessarily a bad thing for the crypto market. That’s the word from colleague and PBRG analyst Greg Wilson.

Greg is world-renowned crypto expert Teeka Tiwari’s right-hand man and one of the few people other than Teeka who I trust when it comes to cryptos.

Greg recently returned from Token Fest 2018 in San Francisco. It’s an exclusive two-day event that attracts some of the top CEOs, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

After the conference, Greg sent an internal email to a few of us at the PBRG headquarters. Here’s a snippet:

The big topic of the conference was regulation. Opinions on it varied. Some believe cryptos can’t be regulated due to their global nature. Others see it as a positive as it legitimizes the space. But no one is talking about regulations killing crypto anymore. [Emphasis added.]

Greg said that insiders aren’t worried about regulations like they were in the past. And we’re seeing this sea-change of opinion around the world.

Chris Wood is the newest addition to Teeka’s Palm Beach Confidential team. And he noticed the same thing at the TOKEN2049 conference in Hong Kong. (Our team travels far and wide to get the inside scoop on the crypto market. That’s why nobody in the business can boast the types of returns that we do.)

In a private correspondence, Chris told me:

The CEO of one company—a supplier of asset management technology—said over half of his institutional clients either trade cryptos or plan to in the coming year. And institutions are leaning towards investing in “security tokens” because the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) already has laid out regulations.

If the insiders are embracing regulations, that’s a sign that they won’t kill off this growing space.

Regulations will make it safer for Wall Street to invest in cryptos. And that’s when the money will come flooding in. (What Teeka calls the “Second Boom.”)

My Big Prediction…

The SEC will make cryptos follow the same regulations as publicly traded equities (like stocks) because the government wants to “protect” us from “risky” investments.

That’s my prediction.

If crypto projects want to trade coins on public exchanges, they’ll need to comply with securities regulations. Otherwise, they’ll have to go private.

In that case, only the rich can invest in them through venture capital or private equity funds.

Now, I spoke to Teeka, and he doesn’t think it will be this black and white. But here’s the thing… Why take a chance on getting locked out of these investments?

Like I said yesterday, many young companies can’t afford the regulatory costs to become public companies. So, they’ll stay private.

Now, the SEC usually can’t make you sell what you already own. And I believe current coin holders will be grandfathered in under any new regulations.

If you already own coins, you’ll likely be able to keep your stake in some of the fastest growing projects in the world. And when the flood of venture capital comes in, we predict some of the coin projects will soar.

If you’re a Palm Beach Confidential subscriber, you should use the pullback in the crypto market to take positions in the open projects in our portfolio. (Subscribers can view the portfolio right here.)

Everyone else should buy some bitcoin.

It’s the “reserve” currency of the crypto space… You need bitcoin to buy most other coins. And institutions will likely keep some cash or “dry powder” in bitcoin to take advantage of quick moves.


Nick Rokke, CFA
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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