As an investor, one of the worst feelings in the world is dumping a ton of money into an idea only to watch it dive in price right after you’ve bought it.

I’ve had this happen to me more times than I can count…

In 2016, I recommended bitcoin at $428. I had to coax and ultimately threaten my publisher with resigning to get them to agree to publish my crypto research.

Around the same time, one of the early bitcoin core developers “rage quit” the project saying bitcoin had “failed.”

He sold all his bitcoin, and it swiftly dropped 15% from $440 to $375. I was devastated. Here I was thinking I knew better than a bitcoin core developer.

Had I made a mistake? Was it too late to walk back all my bullish talk?

All of these doubts and fears ran through my mind at the same time. A weaker man would have caved… and I almost did.

What stopped me was the realization bitcoin had created something that had never existed before: A tamper-proof way to send, store, and track value that didn’t require trusting a third party.

Never in human history had we been able to get away from trusted third parties. Yet, all through human history, our trust in centralized authorities has been constantly betrayed.

Bitcoin is a solution to a problem that has eluded humanity forever. That’s when I knew bitcoin would be a multitrillion-dollar winner.

What’s a global trust machine worth? It seemed like a heck of a lot more than the $6 billion the market was putting on bitcoin at the time. (Today, bitcoin’s market cap is around $700 billion.)

So instead of buckling – I doubled down. I wrote essays… I filmed educational videos… I created special reports and how-to guides.

In short, I did everything in my power to spread the word to my readers that bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology would end up ruling the investment world. But this was not an easy journey.

Along the way from $428 to $64,000, bitcoin has dropped 82% once… 50% three times… 40% once… and 30% three times.

Yet – no matter what price you paid for bitcoin since I recommended it in 2016 – the longest you’ve had to wait to double your money was 36 months.

That makes bitcoin a remarkable asset.

But it’s not just bitcoin. Of the 70 positions in my Palm Beach Confidential model crypto portfolio, 21 have dropped 80% or more at some point during our ownership. Yet today, our average overall gain is 2,031%.

My point is this: Very often, you’ll see my ideas go through vomit-inducing drops. But you can also see it’s a life-altering mistake to confuse those drops with bad research.

Imagine confusing bitcoin’s 2016 drop with bad research? A $1,000 investment back then is worth $108,740 today.

Imagine missing that because you confused normal crypto volatility with flawed research.

Really think about that.

We’re Still Early in the Game

I bring all this up because the crypto market has gotten hammered lately.

Since their all-time highs in April and May 2021, bitcoin is down 42%, and Ethereum is down 43%. Both have rallied since their recent lows… but there’s still a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) in the crypto market.

Perhaps you got angry at the selloff and dumped your bitcoin. Perhaps, even worse, you’re second-guessing my crypto research.

If this describes you, I urge you to reconsider and ponder this: An estimated 100–150 million people own crypto. That’s out of 7 billion people worldwide. Now ask yourself this: Are we in the early or late stages of this trend?

I think it’s clear we’re still in the early days of crypto adoption.

Let me give you some additional perspective…

We didn’t hit 100 million internet users until 1998. Back then, the top three internet companies – Amazon, eBay, and Netscape – were worth $33 billion combined. Today, there are 5 billion internet users, and the top three tech companies are worth $2.3 trillion.

That gives you an inkling of the growth yet to come from the crypto ecosystem.

I’ve been preaching the narrative of mass adoption for years now. And every prediction I’ve made about it has come true.

But while the press focuses on Elon Musk criticizing bitcoin’s energy consumption or China’s threat to crack down on crypto trading… we’re seeing major institutions falling head-over-heels to get into crypto.

Financial powerhouses like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and JPMorgan all have plans to offer their retail and institutional customers access to this asset class.

And we’ve seen this adoption reflected in the price of bitcoin and Ethereum. Despite their recent selloffs, BTC and ETH are up 30% and 240%, respectively, since the beginning of the year. By comparison, the S&P 500 and gold are only up 11% and down 1%, respectively.

But there’s a catalyst I didn’t even consider until recently that’ll be even bigger than the adoption narrative I’ve been correctly predicting for years.

This catalyst is so massive, I predict it’ll send bitcoin to $500,000 within the next five years. And when it does, this current selloff will look like a tiny blip on the radar.

The Catalyst that Will Kickstart Bitcoin’s Next Epic Run

I call this catalyst the “Super Halving.”

The Super Halving is not a preprogrammed, one-day supply drop like we’ve seen in the past. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. It has nothing to do with bitcoin’s code.

Instead, it all has to do with bitcoin miners. (For a full explanation of the Super Halving, see my May 18 Daily.)

Miners are the people providing the computing power necessary to run the bitcoin blockchain. They solve complex equations to verify transactions and keep the network humming along.

The incentive for devoting their time and processing power is a daily bitcoin reward.

Historically, bitcoin miners haven’t been able to hold the bitcoin they mine…

Since its creation, bitcoin’s been plagued with negative connotations to the drug market, pornography, and money laundering. That made it a taboo investment for the gatekeepers of traditional finance.

So bitcoin miners haven’t had access to traditional sources of capital. But now that we’ve seen crypto adoption take off significantly over the past few years, the big Wall Street players are taking notice.

One after another, massive institutions are now coming into crypto. And that means for the first time, miners can raise money through the capital markets by issuing shares (equity) or bonds (debt).

We’re moving to a world where bitcoin miners no longer have to sell their bitcoin to fund their operations. And that’s going to change everything.

When I saw this, I realized we’d entered a new phase in the crypto market. The game will completely change going forward. Miners will start tapping public markets for capital. And they’re never going to sell their bitcoin again.

And that means the amount of new bitcoin coming to market will disappear.

Economics 101

When demand increases and supply decreases, prices have nowhere to go but up.

It’s Economics 101.

This isn’t the narrative you’ll see in the news. Instead, they’ll focus on the FUD. That’s just the nature of the mainstream media.

Unlike the media, I’m looking behind the scenes. And I see miners hoarding bitcoin on their balance sheets… Corporations adding it to their treasuries… And major financial firms offering bitcoin-related products to their clients.

They wouldn’t do this if they thought prices weren’t going much, much higher.

Friends, my job is to position you in trends I believe will radically impact your net worth positively over the next several years. And the Super Halving is a massive trend.

And while the trend plays out, we’ll have ups and downs. That volatility is the admission price we pay for crypto gains of 10x, 50x, 100x, or more.

Instead of worrying about volatility, stay focused on the big picture of widespread adoption and the Super Halving catalyst. And in short order, the recent stomach-turning drops will turn into life-changing profits.

Just be rational. Use small, uniform positions so you can handle volatility without losing your mind or having your spouse wanting to divorce you. Leave your positions alone. And rely on the research that shows crypto will go from a small market to a massive market.

If you do that, you can live your life in peace… knowing you’ve taken the steps necessary to transform your financial future.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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