You’d have to live under a rock to miss the carnage in crypto this year.

Since reaching its all-time high in November 2021, bitcoin is down 71%… Ethereum is down 72%… And the overall crypto market is down 68%.

Over that same span, Forbes has derided crypto as a “Ponzi Scheme.” BNN Bloomberg said bitcoin and Ethereum are “nothing more than thin air.” And MarketWatch called for a flat-out crypto “ban.”

It’s like the mainstream media dusted off headlines from 2018–19 Crypto Winter.

Back then, MarketWatch wrote that “bitcoin is pretty much dead…” Forbes wrote that bitcoin “was a dead man walking…” and CNBC wrote that “cryptocurrencies are nearing the end of the road.”

So I understand why no one wants to talk about crypto. But that’s exactly the time when you need to invest in it. Because that’s when we can make fortunes.

Let me explain…

Right now, I believe we’re on the cusp of one of crypto’s rarest opportunities.

In the six years I’ve been in crypto, I’ve only encountered this situation twice. The first was December 12, 2018… The second was March 18, 2019.

If you’re familiar with crypto history, you know that period as “Crypto Winter.”

That’s when we saw bitcoin and Ethereum plunge as much as 84% and 94%, respectively… while crypto plummeted as much as 87% overall.

Despite the carnage in the markets, I went live on air in December 2018 to present a “crazy” idea involving a tiny subsector of cryptos that pay “royalties.”

I’d wager 99.9% of investors today have still never heard about them… Because 99% of cryptos don’t offer them.

But in 2018, the idea was so off the charts people thought I was nuts. I stuck to my guns and recommended five small tokens anyway.

Over the next two years, my readers had the opportunity to collect over $1,000 in monthly income with a starting stake of five small $250 investments.

Then on March 18, 2019, I saw a second opportunity to strike…

Bitcoin was still down 80%, and Ethereum was still languishing down 90% off its highs… but I was telling everyone to go long on five crypto royalty ideas.

Once again, I was ridiculed… But the folks that took my advice made a windfall.

In the first year, they made as much as $3,497 per month… and then as much as $11,060 per month by the second year.

These are real-world gains made by my subscribers during one of the worst crypto markets in history…

And I believe it’ll happen again.

I’m seeing the same opportunity today… except this time, the potential rewards are much bigger.

Get Ready for a Crypto Comeback

Right now, something is happening in a bear market that shouldn’t be happening…

A flood of institutional dollars is pouring into an obscure and misunderstood crypto sector… and it will trigger a Crypto Comeback for the ages.

Those who act now could have a chance to secure a life-changing stream of monthly income without putting their current lifestyle at risk.

I call this tiny subsector of crypto royalties, “Tech Royalties.”

Tech Royalties allow you to invest in breakthrough crypto ideas for payouts similar to stock dividends… The difference is that these payouts are multiple times higher and paid in more of the underlying crypto.

It’s an idea similar to traditional royalty payments: One party pays another for the right to use a particular asset.

Take the music industry, for example…

When a song plays on the radio, the artist (or an investor) receives a payment every time it’s played.

In fact, legendary pop star Michael Jackson once paid $47 million just to get a cut of the Beatles’ massive royalties.

Tech Royalties are very similar… They’re a special subsector of cryptos you can invest in and collect royalties from – just for owning a token.

And as the underlying projects grow, so do the payments.

It’s a way for blockchain projects to drive the adoption of their technology by allowing early investors to invest and cash in on the project’s success.

You don’t need to be a tech whiz… You don’t need to know how to write code… You don’t even need experience with crypto. You just need to “click and collect.”

All you need to know is what to buy… how to buy… and when to buy. That’s it.

And thanks to the Federal Reserve’s recent rate hike, we’re about to see a Crypto Comeback in Tech Royalties like we’ve never seen before.

Institution Demand Is Growing

It’s no surprise everyone believes the opportunity to make money in crypto is gone… It’s raining fire and brimstone in crypto right now.

But anyone who knows me knows I make my boldest calls when things look the bleakest.

That’s why I’m banging the drum on Tech Royalties for the third time.

Because once you identify a life-changing idea that the market has undervalued, you have to act… And today’s opportunity is all due to the Federal Reserve.

When the Fed announced another rate hike yesterday, it put the world on notice: You must find a way to beat inflation.

But with Tech Royalties, we can do better… we won’t just beat inflation, we’ll smash it.

Here’s what I mean…

In August, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) – a key inflation benchmark – reflected an 8.3% increase over last year and a 0.1% increase over the prior month… a record high.

In response, Fed Chair Jerome Powell announced yesterday that the central bank would raise interest rates 75 basis points to rein in these inflationary pressures.

That puts its benchmark federal-funds rate at 3.25%. It’s highest benchmark rate since 2008. Yet its rate is still half the rate of inflation.

So even with higher rates, most traditional savings and income vehicles will have negative “real” yields.

In normal times, investors can make a “real” yield. For example, if a bond pays 3% interest and inflation is at 2%, your real yield is 1%.

But when real yields go negative, you’re losing purchasing power… Your money is essentially worth less than your initial investment.

Today, the average savings account yields 0.13%… the 10-year Treasury yields 3.49%… and the average U.S. corporate bond yields 4.29%.

Subtract 8.3% from any of those options, and you’re in the real red.

That’s where Tech Royalties come in…

Some of the crypto income plays in our model portfolio pay as high as 30%.

That’s 230 times higher than a traditional savings account and 8.5 times the 10-year Treasury bond.

So it was no surprise to me when BlackRock – the world’s largest asset manager with $10 trillion under management – announced it was entering the crypto space.

BlackRock says its institutional clients want access to this space so badly that it’s teamed up with Coinbase to provide them an access point to crypto assets.

BlackRock’s motives aren’t just a boon for bitcoin… Over the past year, BlackRock has invested $1.1 billion into the wider crypto space.

Some of that capital went into Anchorage Digital – a staking provider that allows users to earn yield on their crypto assets.

And BlackRock isn’t the only Wall Street heavy hitter entering the Tech Royalty space. We’re seeing a wave of institutional demand.

Financial powerhouses like American Express, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley have invested hundreds of millions of dollars into Tech Royalty opportunities.

All told, JPMorgan estimates Tech Royalties will pay out $380 million per week… That’s a staggering $1.6 billion per month and $19.2 billion annually.

This shows that even in the current Crypto Winter, institutions are investing in the Tech Royalty space.

I believe they’re doing so because – in my opinion – no other asset on the planet offers a yield big enough to beat stocks, bonds, and inflation.

It’s also why now is the time for you to pull the trigger on this tiny subsector of cryptos.

A Rare Third Chance for a Lifetime of Income

Friends, I know it’s not easy to buy crypto when things look like they do today…

It was tough in 2018. And it was tough in 2019.

That’s why I held a LIVE online crypto event last night to make my case…

The Fed has created an opportunity for us to potentially collect more than $10,000 in monthly income while beating inflation… and all from five small $250 investments.

I’m not asking you to risk $10,000, $20,000, or $50,000…

I’m showing you how to invest just $1,250 in Tech Royalties to generate a five-figure monthly income.

Not only will you generate inflation-beating yields… You’ll also benefit when the crypto market recovers and your cryptos and royalties rise in price.

It’s a win-win scenario. And it’s one of the many reasons why the world’s financial giants are jumping into Tech Royalties.

You rarely get third chances in life. So make sure you seize this opportunity. Doing so could be the difference between a lifetime of income and a lifetime of regret.

Click here to watch a replay of last night’s event and take your first steps toward potentially earning more than $10,000 in monthly crypto income.

You’ll also get the name of my top Tech Royalty pick for free. No strings attached.

This replay won’t be available for long… and early investors will reap the greatest rewards.

Let the Game Come to You!

Big T