The bear market we’re experiencing this year has been particularly brutal for retail investors.

Under average market conditions, retail investors earn about 3.6% per year… significantly less than the S&P 500’s 9.5% average annual gain.

But when the market tanks, retail investors do even worse.

So it’s no surprise I’ve been receiving letters from readers telling me they’ve lost seven years’ worth of gains or more due to the recent pullback.

I can empathize. My own long-term portfolio is down millions of dollars, too.

Look, bear markets are inevitable. You can’t avoid them. Eventually, markets recover. And if you’re in quality positions, your portfolio will as well.

But there is a little-known strategy you can use to recoup up to 21 years’ worth of stock market gains in about 90 days. I’d wager 999 out of 1,000 people on Main Street have never used it.

Right now, I’m using this strategy to generate annualized gains of up to 60%. And just last week, I used it to lock in an 82% gain in 14 trading days on a multi-hundred-billion-dollar blue-chip stock.

Using this strategy, I can earn streams of income that will keep my portfolio afloat until the bull market resumes.

My Strategy for a 97%-Win Rate

The strategy I’m talking about is options.

Now, the first things many think about when they hear the word options are “risky” and “run.”

I understand. And it’s not your fault.

Wall Street has spent obscene amounts of money promoting the riskiest ways to use options.

Why? Because it’s a profit center for them. They make money taking the other side of the trade.

But there’s a profitable way to use strategies. Of course, Wall Street will never tell you about it…

Giving you the keys to the kingdom would mean closing shop since you won’t be pouring money into its fee-generating machine.

That’s why Barron’s calls this options strategy “a secret.” And the Nasdaq calls it “one of Wall Street’s best-kept (secrets).”

Because by using these strategies, there’s a way you can actually win up to 97% of the time. And I didn’t pick that number out of thin air.

It’s a strategy that’s so effective it’s given my subscribers 400 winners since 2012… and only 12 losing trades with annualized gains of 20%. That’s well above the S&P 500’s 9.5% average gain.

So, how do we do it? I call it the “Instant Cash Payout” method.

It’s a type of options trade you can use to quickly and safely generate hundreds or even thousands of dollars without buying a single stock.

With this strategy, shareholders receive a form of “insurance” on their shares.

Using a unique aspect of the options market, we agree to buy those shares for a certain price and length of time in exchange for an upfront cash payout.

Now, we only make offers on the best companies in the market – blue chips like Walmart, Home Depot, and Coca-Cola. These are companies that dominate vital industries. They gush free cash flow and profits and look after shareholders.

My team has used this strategy to bank triple-digit-plus gains in weeks on boring, blue-chip companies like 612% on Jeffries in 42 days… 422% on CVS in 34 days… and 350% on Kinross Gold in 63 days.

To achieve those kinds of gains using the S&P 500’s annual average, it would have taken you between 17 and 22 years…

This is the strategy we are using to capture 21 years of market gains in 90 days or less.

I want to be clear here: These are not backtested gains. But the actual gains my subscribers had a chance to make.

Here’s the thing…

Our Instant Cash Payouts increase during what I call “Anomaly Windows.”

An Anomaly Window is when we believe an event or catalyst will massively increase activity in the market.

This increased activity spikes volatility. And when volatility increases, so do the premiums people pay for our Instant Cash Payouts.

Think of it as a form of market insurance. When fear or uncertainty (volatility) is high, people pay more for insurance.

When you operate inside these windows, the gains you can see from ordinary, boring, safe blue-chip stocks become extraordinary.

For instance, I’ve been using this window to sell options against world-class companies and earning about 5% per month in income.

On big down days, I sell puts on stocks I love and that I’m happy to own. If I get put the stock, I wait for a bear market rally, and then I sell calls.

I did this last month on Meta (formerly Facebook). I sold $170 puts four weeks out and received $800 per contract. That’s a 4.7% return in four weeks. Annualized, that’s a 61% gain.

That’s insane. That shouldn’t be happening. But it is because we’re in an Anomaly Window. And that’s causing option premiums to explode in value.

The Next Anomaly Window Is Open

The last time I saw an Anomaly Window like the one we’re going through today was back in 1994. That was 28 years ago.

And what happened?

Wall Street sent Mom-and-Pop America to the slaughterhouse. Within 90 days, their wealth creation was set back.

I’m not talking three years, like a normal bear market. Or even five years, like a great financial crisis. I’m talking 10 years… 15 years… and in some extreme cases, 20 years.

Thankfully, all crisis creates opportunity.

In fact, in the past, I’ve shown readers how to play this situation to make 21 years’ worth of stock market gains in three months.

As I mentioned above, it’s the same strategy I’m using right now with my money.

That’s why I hosted a live Anomaly Window event Wednesday night.

Thousands of online viewers learned about this Anomaly… and how to use it to capture decades of market returns in 90 days or less.

I even gave away a free list of stocks to play it. No strings attached.

Friends, I know options trades can feel intimidating or risky.

But with a 97%-win rate on a track record that stretches over 400 trades since 2012, I can tell you this is the easiest, safest money I have ever made in the market.

I’ve waited 28 years for a similar set of circumstances to emerge. I was 23 years old the last time I saw the type of Anomaly Window we are now currently in. Today, I’m 51. I don’t have another 28 years to wait… do you?

So act now and click here to watch a free replay of my live event.

Let the Game Come to You!

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