Bob Bly

From Bob Bly in the Wealth Builders Club: When football star Ray Rice made national headlines by pummeling his fiancée in 2014, DiGiorno Pizza sent out a message on Twitter implying domestic abuse victims should stay with their partners to get pizza.

Most social media (services like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube) snafus blow over within a few days (or hours)… but some can cause serious damage to a person’s or brand’s identity.

People have even been fired for their mistakes.

Here are some “do’s and don’ts” to keep in mind:


  1. Understand anything uploaded online exists forever (or close to forever) on the Web. Even when posts are deleted, they remain in Google’s cache. They can be easily retrieved by people with the knowledge and desire.
  2. Share your name and email, but avoid sharing your address or phone number.
  3. Give credit if you use a quote, photo, or other content. The Web is full of copyright poachers, and not giving credit is highly frowned upon.
  4. Understand the meaning of a hashtag (“#”) before using it. Incorrect usage means your words could be misconstrued.


  1. Use curse words or derogatory phrases.
  2. Reveal confidential or proprietary information about others.
  3. Trust anonymity. It’s rarely guaranteed online. (Even if you use a pseudonym, hackers can often find a way to uncover your identity.)
  4. Post if you feel any doubt about what you’re posting.
  5. Use sarcasm. Remember, connotations can easily be misconstrued in writing.
  6. Use your company or business profile to comment on sensitive political issues or holidays.
  7. Post when you’ve been drinking! Even one glass can make you say things you’ll regret.

If you do make a mistake, recognize it and apologize. A half-baked apology will only prolong your torment. Get it over with quickly by saying, “I was wrong, I’m sorry, and here’s why you’re right to be upset.”

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