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$  If you’re worried about a crash, read this now… This Wednesday, one of Bill Bonner’s most successful analysts—a man who avoided the 2008 crash—is making a major “crash protection” move… and Bill himself is following this man’s lead with $250,000 of his family trust money. Click here for all the details.


  PBRG friend Doug Casey says the essence of government is coercion. So people attracted to it tend to be the wrong kind of people… coercion-oriented people. Government draws much more than its share of criminal personalities…

Case in point: Hillary Clinton.

Will Hillary win in November and ensure the Deep State stays in control? In an insightful interview, Doug explains how a Clinton win could accelerate the onset of World War III… or worse.


$  BOMBSHELL ANNOUNCEMENT: During a live interview, James Dale Davidson revealed why stocks are on the verge of a 70% collapse, and how you could make massive gains from it. Click here to see the video.


  From just one in 1993, the exchange-traded fund (ETF) market has grown to more than 1,400 today…

ETFs offer investors incredible low-cost ways to buy an entire industry, asset class, or commodity.

But we’re not writing about ETFs to recommend one to you. We like them for another reason entirely… and we think you will, too


$  Middle East Oil Bomb Set to Blindside U.S. Investors: A Saudi-led coalition has unleashed an “oil weapon” on the U.S. The first shock waves are expected to hit hard and leave investors stunned. Some could be left penniless. Yet people who see clearly what’s about happen now have the chance to add six figures to their accounts. In fact, $109,845 is a CONSERVATIVE estimate of the profits now at stake. Full analysis found here.


  It may not be the first rule of investing, but it could be the most important…

So important, in fact, that it’s the exact approach Warren Buffett takes when he looks at potential investments…

Of all the variables investors face when deciding what stocks to buy—industry growth, potential competition, company leadership, historical performance, etc.—this factor is the only one they can control.

Click here to find out what it is—and how to use it to your advantage right now.


$  Do this if you missed the rally in gold… We’ve just received a powerful signal. And it tells us that the next explosive stage of the precious metals rally starts now. But according to our research, the biggest gains going forward won’t be in gold


  New York’s horse population once produced 2.5 million pounds of manure every day… And horse corpses littered the streets, adding to the stench and potential for disease.

In the world’s first-ever “urban planning conference,” the situation was deemed utterly hopeless.

Little did they know there was a key investing lesson hidden under 60 feet of horse manure


$  An OUTRAGEOUS proposition caught live on camera… You’ll have to see it with your own eyes to believe it. A fellow named Joe approaches complete strangers with an OUTRAGEOUS proposition. What actually happened on camera though was AMAZING. I highly recommend you watch this video right now. You will discover something that could change your life. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this. Click here now to see the SHOCKING video


  One of the most respected money managers in the world is warning of 1,500% inflation…

Richard Koo is chief economist at the Nomura Research Institute. Nomura has offices around the world and over 9,000 employees. It doesn’t get more “mainstream” than that. And that’s why Koo’s warning is so incredible…

Koo’s ringing the alarm bell over the next step in monetary intervention in the global economy: “helicopter money.” He believes the results will be catastrophic… ushering in up to 1,500% inflation in the U.S. alone.

In today’s can’t-miss 3-Minute Market Minder, The Palm Beach Letter’s Teeka Tiwari tackles this issue and its unthinkable consequences…