On April 8, I sent out a sell alert telling my subscribers to “scoop a little cream off the top” of one of my biggest winners ever.

I suggested they take 10% off a 71,010% gain. That type of gain can turn every $1,000 into $711,100. That’s how you create generational wealth.

(The week before, we took a 10% profit on another token. It’s up 1,205% since I recommended it in June 2017.)

Here’s why I told them to take a little off these positions…

While I’m still long-term bullish on the overall crypto space… right now, I’m seeing some short-term weakness. So I want to prepare you for the coming volatility.

Let me explain…

Last week, I attended the Bitcoin Miami Conference. It’s the biggest bitcoin get-together in the world.

It’s full of tech visionaries… top developers… crypto entrepreneurs… and, of course, Big Money. In other words, it’s the place where the heavy hitters meet to talk bitcoin.

Despite all the bullish news I heard there, bitcoin still couldn’t crack its 2022 high of about $48,000. This told me to expect some weakness ahead.

That’s exactly what happened. As of this writing, bitcoin has retraced its steps to $39,500. And we could see it go lower from here.

As bitcoin goes, so does the overall crypto market. And while I expect to see some volatility in the coming weeks, I don’t want you to panic.

So today, I’ll tell you what’s going on in bitcoin… and why this volatility will give you yet another golden buying opportunity.

The Bitcoin Market Is Still Maturing

The current bout of volatility in bitcoin is due to a new set of players coming to the market… investors who think much differently than the old players.

You see, the original movers and shakers in bitcoin were the whales, the miners, and the true believers. Those participants are still HODLers (“Hold On For Dear Life”).

And they won’t ever sell their stack. (I count myself among this group.)

But the new money coming into bitcoin is from family offices, hedge funds, and small institutions. So we’ve seen a transition from HODLers to more traditional Wall Street investors.

Unlike the first wave of investors – who still see bitcoin as a long-term store of value – the new players view bitcoin as a trading asset like the dollar-yen trading pair… Or risk-on/risk-off assets like high-growth tech stocks.

They base their decisions on whether to go long or short bitcoin on the expected trend in prevailing interest rates.

Here’s why that matters to them…

Generally speaking, growth stocks take a hit when the Fed raises rates (like it’s doing now). Investors will accept higher market valuations on tech stocks if they expect interest rates to stay very low.

It all has to do with the “discounted cash flow” (DCF) model… It’s a formula used to model future prices.

I won’t go into the weeds of DCF modeling… but as the risk-free rate goes higher (i.e., the yield on the 10-year Treasury)… the model revalues future cash flows lower.

So higher rates mean analysts must reprice their discounted cash flow models. And that results in their models pointing to lower prices for tech stocks.

Since the new players view bitcoin like a tech stock, they sell.

It doesn’t matter if they’re right or wrong. What matters right now is the market is treating bitcoin as a traditional “risk-on” asset.

That means if they think rates are going up, they will exit their bitcoin positions along with their NASDAQ positions.

That is why the tech-heavy Nasdaq is down 11% since the beginning of the year. I want you to know that selling isn’t over.

The Fed is talking tough, and traders are fearful we may see significant rate hikes.

That’s why I want to prepare you. Because in the short term, we’ll see weaker prices as bitcoin moves in lockstep with tech stocks.

It’s important not to confuse this recent correlation with Tech Stocks as a new normal.

It’s just another iteration of bitcoin’s trading narrative…. A narrative that has undergone many changes since I got into the crypto in 2016.

The Power of Understanding Trading Narratives

Along the way to becoming a massive success, misguided market narratives are mispricing these companies in the short term.

For instance, many on Wall Street wrote off Amazon as a bookseller for much of its early corporate life.

Under that narrative, how could anyone understand the real value of Amazon as a leading provider of web services and logistics?

They couldn’t. And that’s the reason so few people got to own Amazon during its best wealth-building years.

The same was true for Tesla. While investors were buying up the stock, traders argued that a “car company” wasn’t worth what the market was paying for Tesla… so the stock remained highly volatile.

Those traders didn’t understand that Tesla was an intellectual property company with some of the world’s greatest artificial intelligence and battery technology.

This same misunderstanding is what allows investors like us to make money from bitcoin and cryptos.

While the traders just see bitcoin as a volatile tech stock, investors see so much more…

We see a global payment system no one can block… a way to hold our own wealth… tamper-proof money that can’t be diluted, and so much more.

The process of rectifying a market misunderstanding is a long one.

It took 12 years for Tesla to get the market recognition it deserved. And it took the better part of 15 years for Amazon to be understood by the market.

With bitcoin, the learning curve has been much faster. It grew to a one trillion valuation in its first dozen years.

As it gets ready to convert a new legion of the world’s investors to its benefits, I would expect bitcoin to take about four more years to finally be understood by a greater part of the world’s investors.

That’s why I expect it to hit $500,000 by the end of 2025.

You can bet it will be a wild ride from here to there, just like it was for Amazon and Tesla investors.

So I don’t want you to get discouraged if one market segment doesn’t understand a disruptive idea and beats it down.

In fact, I want you to see it as an opportunity.

If we see bitcoin continue to correct lower from here, it’s because a false narrative is driving it.

Our job as investors is to recognize the false narratives and take advantage of the opportunity they represent by buying more on weakness.

You should not be shocked if bitcoin weakens to $28,000–32,000 over the short term.

Instead, you should be a buyer. That’s how you take advantage of Wall Street’s misunderstanding of bitcoin.

Once the market matures, the mindset of these new players will shift. And we’ll see a consensus appear around bitcoin as a long-term store of value.

When that happens, we’ll be well on our way to $500,000 bitcoin.

How To Profit From This Expected Volatility Right Now

Friends, I know it’s easy to put your head in the sand and ignore the markets when things get volatile.

But that’s also when the biggest fortunes are made… if you make the right move.

That’s why again and again, I’ve come to you with ideas… even when my marketing guys told me I was nuts.

Back in March 2020, when bitcoin dropped 50%, they told me not to contact you. They said there was too much fear in the market.

But I ignored them… I told you to buy bitcoin on the dip. Those of you who followed me made as much as 15x your money.

At around the same time, I recommended another small altcoin. It’s the same one we “scooped some cream” off last Friday for a 71,010% gain.

That’s why I don’t wait to come to you with ideas based on what my marketing staff thinks or how the market reacts.

I come to you with ideas when I think you can make a boatload of money. And that’s generally during times when no one wants to look at investments.

So I know today’s message might make you uncomfortable. But I’m willing to take that risk because the opportunity in front of you right now is as great as anything I’ve seen in the last seven years.

There’s a one-time event coming to crypto that has never happened before. Only a handful of people know about it. And it is guaranteed to happen no matter what.

In my opinion, it’ll be the biggest crypto event of this decade. And when it happens, I believe it will trigger a “crypto panic” like we’ve never seen before.

Those who follow my playbook have the chance to secure a lifetime of wealth and income. And an opportunity to change the course of your entire generational line.

So on Wednesday, April 20 at 8 p.m. ET, I’m hosting a special event to help you prepare for this panic.

It’s called The Coming Crypto Panic: Teeka Tiwari’s Most Important Warning of His Career.

During this special event, I’ll explain exactly what will cause this panic… and what it means for your wealth creation.

Plus, I’ll even give you the name of one of my top picks to buy for profiting when the panic hits.

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Friends, don’t let the coming volatility in bitcoin scare you out of crypto…

Instead, use the lack of maturation among new crypto investors in your favor… Buy the pullback. Because this could be the last time we see bitcoin at these prices.

Let the Game Come to You!

Big T