As the war in Ukraine rages on, Americans are feeling the consequences… especially in their wallets.

Inflation is at record highs… the U.S. ban on Russian oil is adding to higher prices at the pump – some of the highest since 2008…

And for many, a comfortable financial future is looking further out of reach.

But there is a way to get through this crisis – it’s all about taking action while you can, where you can, and with a clear plan for moving forward.

Here at PBRG, we’re dedicated to helping you do that, no matter where the market goes.

So this week, we’ve put together some steps you can take… from how to save on gas, to smart, risk-protected trading methods, to a how-to guide for stress-testing your portfolio.

Read on to learn more about those strategies and how to protect your retirement savings and armor your portfolio against market uncertainty…


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There’s an easy way to buy these million-dollar assets… without a single crypto wallet… and for just $10.


The Only Good Risk Is Earned Risk
You need to start with low-risk trades before you shoot for the moon. That way, you’re protected if a risky trade goes bust


The Key to Success Isn’t a “What,” It’s a “Who”
The right mentor can be the difference between a lousy investing strategy and one that’ll transform your life


Try These 11 Simple Tricks to Save at the Pump
These tips can help you save on gas in the long term – no matter where prices go from here.


Six Steps to Protect Your Portfolio Against Volatility
These steps can help you “stress-test” your portfolio and “gut check” it for potential losses.



Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily