Four Places to Put Your Money to Work

This past week offered a grab bag of money-making ideas for Daily readers. Whether it’s buying bitcoin on the dip… investing in market leaders like Netflix… or adding financial stocks to your portfolio… there was a chance for you to potentially make some profits. To see what we have in store, read on…

Teeka Tiwari On Why Bitcoin Could Hit $40,000 This Year
“People are going to call me crazy… But I think bitcoin hits $40,000 this year.” Why is world-renowned cryptocurrency expert Teeka Tiwari making such a bold prediction? Read his two reasons right here

This Is Going to Be the World’s Best-Performing Commodity
On a recent trip to the south-central African nation of Zambia, this geologist went to look at emeralds. But while there, a metal caught his attention… and it’s not gold, silver, or copper. It’s a metal few people even talk about

Follow These Four Market Leaders to Profits
Netflix has now surpassed Disney and Comcast as the largest media company in the U.S. That shows you the power of young, innovative companies. But Netflix isn’t the only emerging market leader. Here are three more that are taking over their industries

President Trump’s New Law Is a Windfall for Banks
President Trump recently reduced regulations on banks. The new law will give banks more freedom to operate. More freedom translates into greater profits. And greater profits translate into money-making opportunities for us

Two Keys to Building a Portfolio of 100-Baggers
Finding 100-baggers (stocks that turn every $1 into $100) isn’t easy—otherwise, everybody would own them. But you can narrow your search for these elusive stocks if you focus on these two things


Nick Rokke, CFA
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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“I’m DONE With Stocks”… Are You?
One of America’s top stock trading experts just made a BOMBSHELL declaration: He’s officially “done with stocks.” And for good reason – since the start of the year, the market made virtually ZERO gains. But he’s uncovered a new way to collect thousands of dollars each week – without having to deal with a single, disappointing stock ever again. The only way you’re going to get the chance to learn how to make enormous profits outside the world of stock investing is by clicking here.

Exclusive Vacation Offer for Palm Beach Research Group Readers
Palm Beach Research Group invites you to join us for our first ever Legacy Investment Summit October 17-19, 2018, in Hamilton, Bermuda. Register now and receive a special early bird discount, plus you’ll get a $1,000 voucher to use toward any investment research service offered by us or our seven partner companies. This is our largest conference ever and the speaker list will blow you away. If that’s not enough, the location is a true vacation destination with every amenity at your fingertips.
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World’s Richest Family Dumps Art, Invests Millions In New Tech?
One of the world’s richest families just auctioned off $832.6 million of art.

But the company founded by the family just joined the world’s richest family, and two Wall Street legends, investing in this breakthrough technology most people aren’t paying attention to…

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