There’s no sugarcoating it… The wild moves we’re seeing in the market right now are scary.

Hundreds of dollars are being lost… and made… and lost again in a matter of hours.

Not just in volatile penny stocks. But also in big names like Amazon, Apple, and Netflix… which are down about 10%, 8%, and 35%, respectively, since the start of the year.

You can blame the volatility on geopolitical fears that Russia will invade Ukraine… or threats by the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates.

But Daily editor Teeka Tiwari has a completely different take on what’s happening…

Teeka says these wild moves are just a precursor to a rare and powerful force that’s about to hit the market. He calls it “the Anomaly.”

In short, if you have any money in stocks, the next 90 days will be critical.

For folks who aren’t ready for what’s coming, Teeka says the days ahead could feel like standing in front of a freight train. Millions of Americans could see their retirement dates pushed back by a decade (or more).

On the flipside…

Teeka believes you could make (at a minimum) a decade’s worth of stock market gains in just 90 days if you know how to prepare.

That’s why on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET, he’ll hold a special market briefing to help you prepare. He’ll even share his top stocks to trade during the “Anomaly.”

As a special bonus for joining Teeka on Wednesday, he’ll share the exact stocks you can use to potentially reclaim decades of market gains in just three months.

This free event will be live. And Teeka will even take the time to answer some of your questions. So, click here to reserve your seat for free.

If you have any money in the market right now, I urge you to tune into what Teeka has to say. And then read on below to see why now’s the time to prepare…


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Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily