Since 1996, nearly half of all publicly traded companies in the U.S. have disappeared. What’s causing it? Well, they’ve figured out it’s more profitable to stay private longer.

You see, private companies are getting all the funding they need from their venture capital (VC) backers. And when they finally go public, regular investors pay steep prices to buy shares – while early insiders walk away with big profits. But at the Daily, we’re here to help you turn the tables on the financial elite.

And this past week, editor Teeka Tiwari shared how investing in pre-IPO companies can deliver VC-like returns to everyday investors…

If this all sounds too good to be true, then I encourage you to attend Teeka’s Set for Life Summit on Wednesday at 8 p.m. During this special event, Teeka will reveal details about a pre-IPO company in one of America’s hottest sectors: biotech.

Forbes calls it “the most profitable sector.” And, so far this year, nearly half of IPOs are in biotech. But here’s the thing… A small percentage of biotech firms receive an FDA designation that makes them much more profitable. Specifically, 24x more profitable.

Why? Teeka will tell you on Wednesday night. Click here to reserve your seat


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Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily

P.S. As a special bonus for signing up to attend the Set For Life Summit on September 9, at 8 p.m. ET, you’ll get access to Teeka’s free IPO workshop. Click here to learn more.