“You’re a damned liar, Tiwari.”

I sometimes see comments like this.

Being no stranger to the wrath of internet keyboard warriors, I usually ignore them. I’m used to having my investment ideas attacked. So that doesn’t bother me.

I remember when I started recommending cryptos as part of a well-diversified portfolio. I thought I’d need a bodyguard for all the hate mail I received.

Or when I started recommending ways to play the private equity and collectibles markets… Again and again, I saw the hate mail pour in.

None of it bothered me. In fact, the more an investment idea of mine is hated, the more likely it is I’ve uncovered a winner.

But this particular comment got under my skin. You see, when someone calls me a liar, it’s a little different.

I can deal with you telling me you don’t agree with me or you don’t like my ideas. That’s just a difference of opinion or personality. But when you attack my reputation, that’s personal.

It all started with a “bragging” marketing email highlighting my track record as editor of The Palm Beach Letter. Apparently, my performance angered several people. Some folks flat-out refused to believe my claims…

Since I took over as editor of The Palm Beach Letter in June 2016, my recommendations have averaged annual returns of 352%. In contrast, the S&P 500’s average annual return is just 17% over the same period.

Over the last five years, my model portfolio has done over 338 times better than the market. The comments calling me a “liar” made me realize it’s hard to believe those type of performance numbers.

And so, in 2019, I had a trusted third-party firm audit my track record:

Click to enlarge

The auditors confirmed everything. Since that audit report, my average returns have grown to 541%. As you can see the numbers don’t lie… and neither do the life-changing returns my subscribers have made from my research.

Those readers and their letters thanking me are what keep me going.

If you’re one of them, I want to congratulate you for believing in me… my investment ideas… and my publisher, PBRG.

Together, we’ve created what I think is the best performance of any investment newsletter I’ve ever read.

And I can trace our success back to one simple lesson: To make a fortune without already having a fortune to invest, you need to identify massive trends early…

Why It Pays to Go Against the Crowd

Life-changing investment trends are often poorly understood.

This lack of understanding can cause quite a bit of volatility. But what I discovered is if you can get the trend’s growth trajectory right, you don’t need perfect timing.

For instance, back in the early 2000s, I knew the iPod personal music player would be an unstoppable trend. So even when my position in Apple dropped more than 30%, I didn’t panic because I knew the strength of the long-term trend would bail out my lousy timing…

And it did. Apple went on to rise nearly 50x higher off the massive wave of iPod adoption by consumers.

In 2016, I started recommending bitcoin and Ethereum. At the time, they were trading at $428 and $9, respectively.

Like the iPod, I knew crypto would be revolutionary, and mass adoption was inevitable. And like Apple’s stock, I saw bitcoin and Ethereum plunge in value early on. I watched both investments drop as much as 85% multiple times.

I never sweated these pullbacks because I knew we were in the very early stages of a massive, long-lived trend. I’m not saying it was easy sitting through multiple 80%-plus drops. Now that would be a lie. It was very difficult.

What kept me going was my belief in my research. And my research suggested that bitcoin and Ethereum would emerge as the most valuable crypto assets in the world. Time has proven my research 100% correct.

If you put $1,000 in each when I first recommended them, they would be worth a combined $588,000 today.

Today, bitcoin is around $57,300… and Ethereum just hit an all-time high of more than $4,100. Together, they have captured about 62% of the entire value of the crypto space. That is remarkable value capture. And it’s a testament to the quality of the research process that led me to that conclusion five years ago.

Looking ahead, it is clear to me crypto is a giant, unstoppable, but still poorly understood trend. That’s why every investor should have exposure to crypto. But just like any early-stage technology… these crypto projects and trends can be very volatile.

This always happens in the beginning stages of a massive trend. People aren’t quite sure if the trend will take off. So they sell at the slightest hint of a problem.

The truth is, very few people have the stomach to take the volatility that comes from owning a life-changing stock like Apple or cryptos like bitcoin and Ethereum.

That’s why, when investing in early trends, I want to make holding through the volatility easy for my readers. It’s why I always advise my subscribers use small, equal dollar amount position sizes. When you’re in a trend early enough, you don’t have to take massive positions.

Just look at the $588,000 you could have made from two $1,000 investments.

And if a $1,000 investment drops 80%, who cares? Sure, it stings… but it’s not going to put you in the poorhouse.

That’s the beauty of being in a trend early. You can turn a trivial amount of money into life-changing returns – without putting your current lifestyle at risk.

That’s my No. 1 goal for my subscribers.

And that’s why my entire research team is devoted to finding ideas that help you do just that.

The Next Massive Trend in Crypto

Now I’m known for making bold calls. And I’m about to make one of my boldest ever…

And if I’m right, we’re about to see the amount of new bitcoin in circulation disappear.

Let me repeat that: The amount of new bitcoin coming into the market will drop to zero.

It all has to do with something I call the “Super Halving.”

If you know anything about bitcoin halvings, you know it’s when the new supply of bitcoin gets cut in half.

If you’ve been reading my work for a while, you already know “halving events” can lead to explosive gains in the crypto market.

Readers who followed my advice and positioned themselves before the 2016 bitcoin halving had the chance to make gains as high as 140 times and 270 times their money.

Those who positioned themselves before the 2020 bitcoin halving saw my recommendations soar as high as 29 times and 51 times their money.

You can only make these types of gains when you identify massive trends and position yourself before they happen.

And tomorrow at 8 p.m. ET, I’ll tell you the exact catalyst behind the “Super Halving”… and why I believe it’ll be bigger than all the other halvings combined.

You’re not going to hear about this in the mainstream press… or from any Wall Street analyst. They don’t have a clue.

So join me tomorrow at 8 p.m. ET. And let me show you how to position yourself before this massive trend plays out. Click here to reserve your seat at this free event.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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