On March 10, we witnessed the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. It was the second-largest bank failure in U.S. history.

The markets reacted violently to this news.

When all was said and done, the S&P 500 had dropped from its 2023 high of 4,179 in February to a low of 3,855 by March 13 on fears of a meltdown in the financial system.

Like the stock market, bitcoin sold off on the banking panic. It had hit a high of $24,915 in February but plummeted to a low of $19,873 on March 10.

While everyone was panicking, I sent a special video update to subscribers of my flagship cryptocurrency newsletter, Palm Beach Confidential.

The title: “What This Bank’s Stunning Fall Means for Crypto and Stocks.” (Confidential subscribers can watch it right here.)

Friends, these are the exact words from my March 10 video… the very same day Silicon Valley Bank went under:

These opportunistic sell-offs that we’re seeing, which have nothing to do with the underlying fundamentals, are great buying opportunities… So what I would suggest is to continue dollar-cost averaging. I’ve said before that below $20,000, you can put opportunistic capital to work.

A few days later, bitcoin was trading around $26,000.

I sent out another video update on March 15 to my subscribers. I told them, “$30,000 looks to be like a chip shot from here.”

As I predicted in both videos, not only did bitcoin bottom just below $20,000 on March 10 – since March 15, it’s also blasted past $30,000.

Take a look… It’s gone straight up since then…


Anyone who listened to me had a chance to make 52% in just five weeks on BTC.

As of this writing, bitcoin is trading around $30,250.

Here’s what’s important: Whether bitcoin is at $20,000 or $40,000 when you read this, it’s still a buy.

That’s because it’s going much, much higher in the coming months and years…

Why You Can’t Go Wrong Betting on Bitcoin

The current crypto market reminds of me of 2016. That was after the huge crypto exchange Mt. Gox got hacked.

At the time, up to 80% of bitcoin traded through this exchange. And it blew up.

People got locked out of their crypto. Some investors are still trying to recover bitcoin from Mt. Gox almost 10 years later.

After that happened, many people expected bitcoin to go to zero. And I couldn’t blame them…

When the main crypto exchange goes under… You can understand why some people thought bitcoin would lose all its value.

But it didn’t.

That’s when I knew crypto was real and here to stay.

So in 2016, I recommended bitcoin at $428… It went up to $20,000.

I also recommended Ethereum at $9. And it went up to $1,400 in under two years.

That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $155,000.

I saw a similar opportunity in 2018…

Back then, bitcoin’s price dropped 84%. And the media was littered with so-called “bitcoin obituaries.”

On average, we saw a new story declaring “bitcoin is dead” once every four days. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon even called bitcoin a “fraud.”

But behind closed doors, his firm was secretly laying the groundwork to get into crypto in a big way.

In fact, back in 2018, I was interviewed by media personality Glenn Beck.

Nearly 5 million viewers tuned in. And I exposed a bunch of hypocrisy like this.

Some big players were saying one thing about crypto in public… But privately, they were doing the complete opposite.

In that interview, I predicted bitcoin would go to $40,000… back when it was trading a hair north of $7,000.

Again, people thought I was nuts…

But 2018 was such a rare and historic buying opportunity… I had to act.

I released a new initiative with a new list of crypto buys. And two days later, the market bottomed.

That market timing was a real gift to my subscribers. Getting in at the bottom was game-changing for them.

By the time the next bull run was over, bitcoin had peaked near $70,000 and Ethereum over $4,600.

That’s the unique power of buying crypto opportunistically. That’s because the potential rewards – as compared to risk – are so out of whack.

Here’s the deal with bitcoin: It’s volatile. Crazy volatile.

But over any four-year rolling period, you couldn’t lose money in bitcoin. The worst four-year period we could find was between December 2017 and December 2021 – when BTC returned 150%.

Not only does bitcoin’s performance beat the pants off of inflation… It buries every other asset you can think of: stocks, bonds, real estate, collectibles…

The downside? You have to be willing to deal with crazy volatility.

Look, nothing in life is guaranteed…

But based on bitcoin’s track record, if you dollar-cost average when it’s in a downtrend and position-size correctly – it’s one of the best long-term bets you can make.

This May Be the Last Historic Buying Opportunity

Friends, every time I’ve told you we’re witnessing a historic buying opportunity in bitcoin, we’ve seen it rip and roar to new heights.

Each and every time

And as bitcoin goes, so does the rest of the crypto market.

Right now, I believe the opportunity in front of us is on the scale of 2016 and late 2018. But if you turn your back on this opportunity, you’ll make a huge mistake.

A mistake you’ll live to regret.

Because you’re turning your back on not only a phenomenal buying opportunity… but what I believe will be the FINAL Crypto Winter bear market we’ll ever see.

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Let the Game Come to You!

Big T