Over the past five years, I’ve delivered 10 crypto halving picks that have soared over 1,000%.

My subscribers have had the chance to make gains of up to 2,950%… 5,121%… 14,619%… and 26,977% after the bitcoin halvings in 2016 and 2020.

(More on those halvings in a moment.)

And those gains don’t even include my Hall of Fame recommendations, which have gone as high as 35,857%, 39,900%, and 156,753%.

My model crypto portfolio has 68 open positions… and 52 are winners.

That’s a 76%-win rate with an average 3,196% gain.

These aren’t backtested numbers… They’re actual returns.

These types of rare gains are one of the reasons I was voted crypto’s most trusted source among experts.

But I didn’t become the No. 1 crypto expert by sheer luck. It took painstaking hard work. I had to build an entire network from scratch.

Today, I’ll tell you how I became the most trusted man in crypto… and how it has led me to one of the biggest discoveries I’ve ever made in this space.

How I Became the Most Trusted Man in Crypto

In 2016, I attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. At the time, they had just one speaker talking about bitcoin.

He explained what bitcoin was… why it was valuable… and, more importantly, why its underlying blockchain technology would be so revolutionary.

When I fully grasped the power of the blockchain, the realization turned on a lightbulb in my head. I knew I had seen the future.

So I immediately changed my travel plans, flew back to Florida, and told my publisher, “I’m writing about bitcoin.”

They thought I was nuts.

I had spent most of my professional career on Wall Street. So I didn’t know anything about cryptocurrency. And I didn’t know anyone in this small niche market.

But I knew I had to become a cryptocurrency expert.

Back then, though, crypto was very insular. If you were an outsider, you couldn’t just walk into a meeting with developers or venture capitalists (VCs) and start asking questions.

There was no Wall Street coverage of crypto and no mainstream press reports. You had to go to the events. You had to get invited to private parties.

You had to meet people in their homes, where they could talk more candidly about different projects. You had to be friends with all the crypto PR agents.

So, to break into this secret society of crypto experts, I started reaching out to people.

One of the first people I reached out to was a whiz kid named Vitalik Buterin. He’s a co-creator of Ethereum. And lo and behold, he let me interview him.


In April 2016, I became the first newsletter editor
to do a full write-up on Vitalik.

After our interview, I asked Vitalik to introduce me to other people. And all of a sudden, I was meeting big-name players in the space.

I met Charlie Shrem, one of the earliest bitcoin millionaires. And Roger Ver, an early bitcoin advocate formerly known as “Bitcoin Jesus.”

They led me to some of my first big crypto plays… including Vitalik’s Ethereum project.

At the time, it was trading at $9… Today, it’s hit a recent record high of $3,600.

Every $500 in Ethereum back then would’ve turned into as much as $200,000 today… And a $1,000 investment would’ve become worth as much as $400,000.

But I didn’t stop there. I realized you don’t find life-changing recommendations like Ethereum sitting behind a desk.

You’ve got to get out and meet the people behind the projects… the real crypto experts.

I don’t know exactly how many miles I’ve flown to bring life-changing ideas to my subscribers over the past five years…

And I don’t know the exact number of red-eye flights I’ve caught or sleepless nights doing research in a hotel in some faraway country… It’s been too many to count.

I’ve met crypto influencers at a 10th-century castle in Tuscany… spoken to billionaires about crypto at the World Economic Forum in Davos… and nearly got arrested for accidentally entering Belarus without a proper visa during a research trip to Minsk.

All of this, just to bring the best crypto ideas to my readers.

And after five years of international travel, kicking in doors, and building an elite network of crypto insiders… I’ve become the most trusted man among crypto experts.

I can pretty much get anybody on the phone or get a meeting with anyone I want. And on top of that, I have a world-class team of crypto researchers and writers.

My readers have benefited from that insider access, and it’s all led to one of my biggest crypto discoveries to date…

The Secret Crypto Event No One Is Telling You About

Friends, I don’t tell you all about myself to brag, but I want you to understand that no one in the newsletter industry is more plugged into the crypto space than me.

When I say something big is going down in crypto… I mean it.

That’s because I’ve done a deep dive… I’ve read all the right sources… I’ve talked to all the right people… And I’ve gone to all the right places.

Most importantly, I have the track record to back it up.

And just recently, I’ve uncovered a “secret” halving-like event about to take place in bitcoin this year.

I know most of you are probably saying, “Tiwari, you must be nuts. Bitcoin just had its last halving in 2020. And the next one isn’t until 2024. Bitcoin’s code only allows halvings every four years. There’s no way we’re having another halving this year…”

I get it.

But in November 2020, I told an audience of more than 18,000 about five altcoins with similar halving-like events… And every one of the picks I recommended is up today.

The average gain is 586% in five months, and individual coins have shot up as high as 1,237%.

But now I’ve discovered that some of the biggest names in crypto are positioning themselves for what I’m calling the “Super Halving.”

Hear me when I tell you this: It’ll be bigger than all the other halvings combined.

That’s why on Wednesday, May 12, at 8 p.m. ET, I’m holding a special event to explain exactly what this “Super Halving” is.

Friends, if you watch the news, you haven’t heard a word about this event… The mainstream financial media has no clue.

That’s because they’re not in the room with crypto founders like I am. They don’t have the phone numbers of dozens of the top crypto VCs on speed-dial like I do.

They’re not meeting with developers. They’re not getting pitched to join the boards of blockchain startups…

They have no idea what’s really going on in this space.

But on Wednesday, May 12, at 8 p.m., I’ll reveal all and tell you what’s really going on during my Super Halving Summit.

If you missed bitcoin’s halving in 2016 when my readers saw gains as high as 14,619% and 26,977%…

Or bitcoin’s halving in 2020 when my recommendations soared as high as 2,950% and 5,121%…

Or my altcoin halvings event last year, which delivered gains over 1,000%…

You have one last chance to profit from a lucrative event like these. So click here to reserve your spot at the Super Halving Summit.

And let me show you why I’ve been voted the most trusted man in crypto.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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