Tulip Mania.

It was my first reply to anyone who asked me about bitcoin in 2017.

Like many, I initially thought bitcoin was a 21st-century version of the Dutch “Tulip Mania.”

That’s the name for the 1636–37 tulip bulb craze that took place in Holland. At its peak, one tulip could buy you an entire estate. At the bottom, one tulip could buy you an onion.

As a bitcoin convert, it pains me to say this now… But I was one of the people who thought bitcoin was “funny internet money” when I first heard about it in 2017.

That’s until I discovered Daily editor Teeka Tiwari’s newsletters.

In today’s essay, I’ll show you how Teeka helped me understand bitcoin’s potential – and what it means for you today.

But first, let me introduce myself and tell you how I met Teeka… and how he helped me see past bitcoin’s wild price swings.

I Once Had Doubts About Bitcoin, Too

My name is Houston Molnar. I’m Teeka’s chief crypto analyst on his flagship crypto newsletter, Palm Beach Confidential.

I joined Palm Beach Research Group as an analyst in 2018. My first beat was equities.

But it wasn’t more than 15 minutes into my first day on the job that I started asking about bitcoin. It was the talk all around the office. And everyone was excited about it.

So I had to learn more.

Everyone in the office pointed to Teeka. He knew more about crypto space than anyone else in the industry.

And he was making his readers life-changing profits. Even in 2018, Teeka’s readers had seen gains of 5,226%, 15,667%, and 156,753%.

Those gains are impressive. But what really attracted me to Teeka was his genuine love for bitcoin and why he believes it’s a world-class asset.

As regular readers know, this includes:

  • A hard supply cap of 21 million coins. You can’t print more.

  • You can custody your own bitcoin. You don’t need a bank or institution to hold it for you.

  • It’s permissionless. That means you can exchange bitcoin with anyone in the world, from anywhere, and at any time.

  • And most importantly, bitcoin lives on the most secure network in the world. No government or institution can stop the bitcoin blockchain.

So, after considering these benefits along with Teeka’s enthusiasm and expertise, I started buying…

No matter which direction the price was moving… I bought more bitcoin with every paycheck. I knew this asset and its underlying blockchain technology were the future.

But as we entered Crypto Winter in 2018 and the price of bitcoin fell off a cliff, my doubts set in.

I was down almost 70% on my initial buy orders from earlier in the year. I thought it was Tulip Mania all over again. And I nearly threw in the towel.

The volatility was unlike any I’d ever experienced before. And it made me question the legitimacy of bitcoin as an asset.

If it hadn’t been for Teeka, I might’ve sold… And I’d be kicking myself now for it if I did.

Teeka warned that we’d see this type of price action. He said it wouldn’t be an easy ride. In fact, quite the opposite.

I remember him telling me we’d see more volatility in this asset than anything we’ve ever seen before. It was a new groundbreaking technology still in its early days.

Most importantly, he said volatility is the price we pay for being early in a trend that will generate generational wealth.

Despite the harsh criticism Teeka received, he never backed down. He kept encouraging his readers to stay in bitcoin… and to buy more when prices fell.

Just like you, every month, I watched Teeka’s crypto video updates and read his Daily issues.

And in his updates, Teeka always pointed to the latest signs of adoption he was seeing on the front lines.

For example, in January 2018, when bitcoin was down 83% from its highs earlier that year, Teeka released a video update saying family offices and ultra-high net-worth money was starting to flow into crypto.

The smart money was buying despite any negative crypto headlines at the time.

Because of Teeka, I never sold. In fact, I bought more…

Today, bitcoin is up 1,440% from those Crypto Winter lows.

And again, amid the pandemic-related selloff in March 2020, when bitcoin fell 50% in one month, Teeka put out another video for his subscribers.

He called it a tremendous buying opportunity – and if history is any guide – the recovery that we’ll see in crypto will be much faster and much, much bigger than stocks.

And that’s exactly what happened. Bitcoin went on to rally 1,137% over the next year. By comparison, the S&P 500 went up 90%.

So listening to his wisdom had paid off once again.

The Time to Act Is Now

I’ve learned a lot about crypto from Teeka since I started at PBRG. And now I use those lessons to help him select life-changing ideas for you – our loyal readers.

As a result of my research and Teeka’s expertise, his subscribers consistently beat the market year after year, with our crypto recommendations posting the highest gains across the board…

Even through bouts of volatile price movement like we’ve seen the last few weeks.

And while Teeka expects we’ll see bitcoin rise 10x from here to $500,000 over the coming years… we’ve discovered a catalyst that could unleash extraordinary gains – bigger and faster than anything we’ve seen this year.

Teeka calls it the “Final Halving.” When it triggers, it’ll send mainstream investors rushing into crypto. But by then, it’ll be too late for most buyers…

Because the Final Halving will reduce the daily supply of new bitcoin all the way down to zero.

That’s why Teeka held a special event last week to tell readers all about the Final Halving… how bitcoin miners and crypto rewards cards will trigger it… and why you need to get in now before the mainstream catches on.

So, click here to watch a replay of Teeka’s event and learn more about the Final Halving… you’ll even hear details on six tiny cryptos you can use to position yourself now.

Teeka’s crypto recommendations have changed the lives of many investors, me included. So, if you’re still on the fence about crypto and bitcoin, now’s the time to act.

Because once bitcoin’s available supply drops to zero… and these small Final Halving cryptos take off in price… it’ll be too late.


Houston Molnar
Analyst, Palm Beach Daily