It was 1997…

Larry and Mary didn’t have much money, but they wanted to do something for their 12-year-old son Ryan. So they bought him two shares of stock in a small retailer.

Their total investment was less than $50.

Over the years, the family watched the stock split several times. The value kept going up, but Larry and Mary kept holding…

Today, Ryan is using some of the proceeds from that investment to buy a house.

Can you imagine that? A $50 investment buying a house.

It’s possible because that tiny retailer was Amazon… and that $50 investment went up more than 172,000%.

Of course, most people didn’t invest in Amazon back in 1997… Not even a tiny amount.

And most who did, probably sold before the big gains happened…

What would those people give to go back and do it all over again?

What would you give for the opportunity, knowing everything you know now?

Well, now you have a second chance. Because a new megatrend is just getting underway…

It’ll reshape daily life more than the original internet boom did… a kind of “dot-com do-over.”

The No. 1 Megatrend of the 2020s

Larry and Mary’s story isn’t all that exceptional.

They invested a tiny amount in a stock that was getting a lot of hype after going public.

Then they held on tight and let the internet megatrend play out…

In this case, they profited from the growth of online retail. But the internet revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives, from communication to entertainment.

So let’s think back to the early days of the internet…

If you thought it was a novelty… or a place for posting pictures of dogs and cats… rather than a game-changing technology, you weren’t alone.

That’s what most people thought – including Wall Street’s smartest investors.

This headline from a Newsweek article in 1995 says it all…

Newsweek clipping

You had to pay $45 per month just for service… and then more for things like long-distance charges… and then the speeds were so slow you couldn’t do much anyway.

Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have full, blazing-fast internet access right in the palm of their hand.

Moreover, they’re almost certainly using that access to buy just about anything they want through online retailers.

Almost no one saw it coming back in 1997…

Please don’t make the same mistake this time around.

When you’re talking about a megatrend like the internet, you see the biggest gains in the transition from early adoption to mass adoption.

And that’s exactly where blockchain – the No. 1 megatrend of the 2020s – is right now.

Even if you don’t fully grasp all the implications yet, trust me when I tell you this megatrend is ushering in the type of seismic shift that only comes around every few decades.

It will alter our world just as the internet did…

Blockchain Will Radically Alter Our Lives This Decade

Many years from now, when we look back on the waves of innovation that launched us to new levels of human advancement, we’ll see blockchain at the beginning.

Simply put, blockchain is just a very secure way to store information… and the safest that has ever been devised.

Like the internet, it’s a decentralized, distributed online network.

No one owns the internet. And each computer logged into the internet is a “host” to the information it provides. Even if you shut down one host, it won’t shut down the entire system.

The blockchain works the same way.

Thanks to the internet, we can instantly send text, voice, and video messages to anyone anywhere with a click of a button…

The blockchain allows you to do the same with cryptos, and even assets like a stock certificate, a land deed, or a car title.

It’s primary use has been to record and facilitate crypto transactions… but it has even more potential.

Here are just a few examples…

A blockchain-based U.S. voting system has been tested, and the U.S. Postal Service applied for a blockchain patent that could make voter fraud a thing of the past…

Blockchain could significantly reduce health care costs and secure medication and vaccine supplies. For instance, Moderna just announced a new blockchain project to help open the country faster and slow the spread of deadly viruses in the future…

Blockchain could also help prevent food contamination, which kills more than 400,000 people worldwide every year…

That’s why McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Walmart are investing in it. Blockchain helps them determine precisely where something went wrong in the food supply and instantly correct it.

Blockchain is modernizing the $217 trillion real estate industry… a sector 100 times bigger than crypto…

And blockchain is helping combat $1.7 trillion in counterfeit goods sold each year.

So it’s no surprise Wall Street is getting in on this trend…

Morgan Stanley is rumored to be on the verge of making a massive $2 billion investment in the space… Goldman Sachs has invested in eight blockchain startups to the tune of $955 million… and conservative life insurer MassMutual has invested $100 million.

Altogether, the global blockchain technology market is projected to grow from $3 billion in 2020 to nearly $40 billion by 2025.

That’s a compound annual growth rate of 67%.

And the World Economic Forum projects that blockchain will store 10% of global GDP by 2027. That’s $8.6 trillion within six years… an increase of 295,451%…

While tech giant Cisco believes the blockchain could create “efficiencies and new business value” of $30 trillion this decade.

That’s growth and adoption unlike anything we’ve seen before. And as blockchain adoption moves full speed ahead, so will the crypto projects reliant on its technology…

Amazon-like Returns

In the last 12 months alone, we’ve seen cryptos like bitcoin and Ethereum rise about 564% and 2,150%, respectively… none of which would be possible without their underlying blockchain technologies.

So, looking ahead, it’s clear to me that crypto and other blockchain projects are an unstoppable but poorly understood megatrend. That’s why I think every investor should have exposure

And a coming crypto catalyst is setting up a handful of blockchain projects for Amazon-like returns… It’s an opportunity so rare that Daily editor Teeka Tiwari held an event explaining it in detail just last night.

He calls this catalyst the “Super Halving,” and the thousands who joined last night’s event received exclusive information on how to access these small blockchain projects…

Information Teeka has never shared before.

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It could be the difference between the lifestyle you’ve always wanted and a lifetime of regret.

Best wishes,

Nilus Mattive
Analyst, Palm Beach Daily