When I first met Jason Bodner, I was surprised…

I’d heard of his exploits as a Wall Street executive. There are stories in the office of how he slung around hundreds of millions—even billions—of dollars in trades (sometimes in only a few minutes) as a top trader for Cantor Fitzgerald.

I expected a high-energy, bombastic, and slightly arrogant person—like Jim Cramer of Mad Money fame… That’s the image the stereotypical Wall Street trader has. If you’ve ever met one of these guys, you know it’s not far from the truth.

Most of them have Type A personalities: They’re highly competitive go-getters, always rushing from one thing to the next. They don’t sit still for long. And they’re constantly stressed out—often characterized by their thinning, grey hair.

(Now, Jason actually does have the trademark grey hair. But unlike many of his former colleagues, it’s full and well-coifed. In fact, I’m quite jealous of it… I can only hope I’ll go grey like he has.)

But Jason is relaxed. He’s more of a surfer dude than a high-energy trader.

Don’t get me wrong; he’s just as self-assured as any other Wall Street big shot. But he carries around a quiet confidence (and it’s well-deserved, as I’ll show you below).

PBRG subscribers who met Jason at our Legacy Investment Summit in Bermuda last year can attest to his humbleness.

His presentation on stock market “outliers” was full of data. And his returns speak for themselves…

You see, outliers make up only 4% of stocks, but have accounted for nearly all of the market’s gains over the past 100 years. And on average, Jason’s system identifies about half of them each year—a stunning achievement.

That’s why I strongly recommend you tune into Jason’s free webinar tonight at 8 p.m. ET. You see, if you’re looking for money-making opportunities—or a proven method to build your retirement nest egg—this is the event for you.

Let me explain…

Wall Street’s Most Powerful Stock-Picking System

If you’re a regular reader, then you know Jason made partner at Cantor Fitzgerald at the age of 28. By 30, he was routinely trading $1 billion per minute. That’s why we call him our Wall Street insider.

Now, Cantor Fitzgerald is one of the top trading firms in the world. In fact, it helped create the fastest high-speed trading system in Wall Street history. Time magazine once reported that this system could “look up to 30 milliseconds into the future.”

But Jason left that all behind because he wanted to create his own system—one even more powerful than what Cantor Fitzgerald helped create in 2012.

And when Jason launched Palm Beach Trader in June 2018, I got a rare glimpse of how his proprietary system works. I was impressed; I’d never seen anything quite like it.

Unlike the high-speed trading system, which made trades in less then a second, Jason’s system can identify Wall Street’s biggest trades up to 30 days in advance—before insiders, the media, and even the Securities and Exchange Commission can.

That’s powerful stuff. But I will admit that I was a little skeptical at first…

You see, a lot of smart people make impressive trading systems. There’s even an old saying on Wall Street that goes, “Your system’s best 10 years were the last 10 years.” It means every system looks good when based on past performance.

But I knew Jason was a smart dude. If anyone can follow the smart money and heavy hitters, it’s him. So I paid close attention to his work. And his system has done even better than I imagined…

For instance, in December 2018, his system identified an obscure semiconductor company called Xilinx. It went on to become No. 1 stock on the Nasdaq—outperforming Amazon, Facebook, and even Google. In fact, since recommending it to his subscribers, the stock is up over 50%.

Another example is The Trade Desk. Jason’s system flagged it in July 2018. And in less than nine months, it’s up nearly 126%… These are the types of stocks his system is specifically designed to find.

I’d even put Jason’s system up against any stock picker in the world—and bet it would win just about every single time.

So I’m excited to announce that tonight at 8 p.m. ET, Jason will fully unveil his breakthrough system. And you’re invited.

During this exclusive event, Jason will show you how to access his research and his No. 1 recommendation—so you can have the opportunity to see the power of his methods at work in your own accounts.

And he’ll be releasing his next recommendation at 7 a.m. ET sharp tomorrow. So if you want to learn how to spot the fastest-growing stocks in America up to 30 days in advance, be sure to attend tonight’s event.

Just click here for your free admission. I’ll be watching as well.


Nick Rokke
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily