This past week, we looked ahead to what the markets have in store for us and laid out specific ways to prepare—despite the current negative sentiment.

Whether it’s selling your losses to lower your tax bill… or finding money-making opportunities in an overlooked industry… we showed you how to keep your cool and come out on top.

The Wall Street Insider on Where the Big Money Is Hiding Out
In this interview, our Wall Street insider tells us where the market is headed next—and what the big money is doing right now

Why You Need to Sell Some of Your Losers by December 31
“Harvesting” losses has the potential to save you thousands of dollars come April 15—which can go a long way towards building your nest egg

Don’t Follow the Herd to Financial Ruin
Is it time to sell your stocks and flee to safe-havens like cash, bonds, or gold? Here are three indicators we’re watching to make our decision

Trump’s Trade War Will Kickstart This Forgotten Industry
At the Daily, we’ve followed policies to money-making opportunities. And that’s what the trade war is presenting us with now

What Your Doctor Can Teach You About Investing
Even the most rational investors can be overcome by fear—but there’s a novel way to gauge your exposure to the stock market


Nick Rokke
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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