How You Can Trade This Week’s Headlines

President Trump made headlines on Monday when he announced that he reached a new trade deal with Canada and Mexico. The market popped on the news, but certain sectors will benefit even more—and we cover them below.

Meanwhile, it was a busy week for traders. Whether it’s oil or emerging markets, there were plenty of profitable ideas to act on—including a $100,000 challenge for those who think they can hang with the big boys…

Teeka Tiwari Answers Your Most Pressing Crypto Questions
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$100,000 Says You Can’t Beat This Challenge
In the past, investors viewed emerging markets as commodities producers. But that story is changing. Today, they’re becoming more consumer-oriented. Here’s how to play this trend

Trump Is Winning Big on Trade—That’s Big for Us
When President Trump takes to Twitter, we’re always watching. Because when the president tweets, he can move the market

The Low-Risk Way to Speculate on $100 Oil
Traders are betting that oil will top $100 over the next two months. But they’re using a risky strategy to play this idea. We’ve found a safer alternative

This Insider Finds the Best Stocks Before They Rocket Higher
Following institutional buyers is one of our favorite ways to find profitable ideas. But if you can find out what they’re buying before they go public, you can make even bigger gains


Nick Rokke
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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