From Keith S.: The article in the March 10 Daily on the chip implants in humans is about the scariest thing since the movie “Gattica.” It’s a great idea until they make it mandatory…

Reeves’ Comment: Keith, it makes you wonder… what are people willing to sacrifice in the name of convenience?

From Keith S.: Which is easier to get through the airport (coins or cows)? Neither, when capital controls set in.

Reeves’ Comment: Gold has the advantage of being easily mailed out of the country. Many gold dealers use the U.S. Postal Service to deliver their products. You can too. Just be sure to get insurance on the contents inside.

If anyone presses you for what’s inside—even though they shouldn’t—tell them “machine dies.” That’s a plausible surrogate for gold’s weight and value.

From Norma H.: Just received your email containing Mega Trends’ three new special reports. Several new stocks were recommended. But I notice that they are not included in the current Mega Trends Portfolio. Are these new recommendations extras or part of the portfolio?

Also, I go crazy trying to print the portfolio. It does not seem to be user-friendly for printing. Even to look at it, the scroll bar does not allow for the left side of the portfolio to show!

Look at it on your website. Any suggestions would be appreciated as to how I can print it. Thanks.

Reeves’ Comment: Norma, thanks for writing in. You’re not alone… We’ve had a lot of emails and calls on this issue.

These recommendations will be included in the Mega Trends portfolio soon. The MTI team is also working to revamp the portfolio into different section tabs for the recommendations. This should make it easier to read and print. Stay tuned, this “repair work” is underway right now. Thanks for your feedback.

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