Nick’s Note: Bitcoin’s meteoric rise continued this week as it soared past $17,000. Palm Beach Research Group crypto guru Teeka Tiwari predicts that it could climb even higher… You don’t want to miss his 2018 forecast below.

Meanwhile, plenty of people are making life-changing gains off bitcoin. But PBRG chief analyst Greg Wilson, Teeka’s right-hand man, says five common mistakes can cost you millions in profits… Below, he’ll show you how to avoid them. It’s a must-read for every crypto investor.

Cryptocurrencies aren’t the only things that are rip-roaring higher… So is the Trump Economy. And we’ve found a safe way to ride this trend by buying into the retail sector. Beware the Deep State, though. Longtime PBRG friend Bill Bonner warns that it will try to squeeze you for all you’re worth…

Monday, December 4, 2017

How the Deep State Squeezed America’s Wealth
It’s difficult for the little guy to strike it rich in today’s rigged economy. That’s why we spend hundreds of man-hours in the Daily researching ideas that can help our readers make money despite Wall Street’s shenanigans. In this essay, we wanted to identify who’s doing the rigging. That’s why we turn to longtime PBRG friend Bill Bonner, who fingers the suspect

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

This Trump Tweet Is Good News for Your Portfolio
On November 29, President Trump tweeted this to his followers: “Stock market at a new high, unemployment at a low. We are winning and TAX CUTS will shift our economy into high gear!” And he’s right. Love him or hate him, the economy is getting stronger. The crux of a strong economy is a strong consumer. Without anyone to consume things, there would be no business. Today, I’ll show you the consumer has never been stronger and what that means for your investments

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

How to Profit From the “Death” of Black Friday
For almost 100 years, shoppers have filled stores on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Until this year… That’s when the stores on Black Friday appeared empty. The Black Friday mad rush is waning. But that doesn’t mean retailers are dying. In fact, retailers are on pace to have the biggest holiday season ever. People haven’t stopped shopping. They’ve just changed the way they shop in two major ways: They’re going online… and starting their holiday shopping earlier. This stock will profit from this trend

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Teeka Tiwari on How “I Vastly Underestimated Bitcoin”
Former Wall Street executive and hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari is widely considered one of the top cryptocurrency analysts in the world. No one in our business is more plugged into this space than he is. Last week, Teeka attended the Consensus: Invest conference in New York, a major cryptocurrency event. In this interview, Teeka reveals that even he underestimated the institutional interest in bitcoin until he attended Consensus. He also shares why he thinks bitcoin’s price could reach $25,000 in 2018

Friday, December 8, 2017

How to Lose $1.3 Million in Cryptocurrencies
Our Palm Beach Research Group subscribers have made life-changing gains following our cryptocurrency plays. That’s because we spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours researching the entire market to find the most profitable ones… We also put in safeguards to protect our downside. We do all of this because it works… But what happens when you don’t follow our game plan? Analyst Greg Wilson, one of our in-house crypto experts, shows you five mistakes to avoid if you don’t want to lose your profits

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Cali Legalizing Recreational Marijuana
On January 1 there will be a marijuana boom 8x bigger than anything we’ve seen before. Get the whole story here.

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Silicon Valley Rocket Scientist’s December 19th Prediction Could Lead to 35,000% Growth
Jeff Brown is a real-life rocket scientist and one of the most tuned-in angel investors in Silicon Valley. Not only has Jeff been an executive for companies like Qualcomm and NXP Semiconductors, but he’s also completed 89 private deals. Right now, he’s predicting that a new biotech breakthrough could skyrocket this market niche 35,000%… All because of a little-known FDA anomaly happening around December 19. Click here to see him lay out his bold prediction in full detail.