Friends, when you’re voted the most-trusted man in crypto, it’s humbling to come before your readers and admit you were wrong about something.

And that’s what I’m here to do today…

I made a mistake. And it could have potentially cost you some lost profits.

What I’ve learned over my 30 years in the financial market is this: It’s OK to be wrong. It’s just not OK to stay wrong. And that’s why I’m changing course now.

I may have gotten us off to a slow start… But I promise you, this trend is still in its early stages. So there’s plenty of time to unlock multiple lifetimes of gains.

That’s why today, I’ll tell you what I got wrong, how I’m correcting it, and why you must get into it now.

My Biggest Crypto Mistake of 2021

I thought it was madness. Crudely drawn pieces of digital art changing hands for millions of dollars…

Just this year:

  • Artist Gary Vaynerchuk’s “VeeFriends” digital art series sold for $1.2 million at a recent Christie’s auction.

  • A collection of digital art pieces from a project called SolanaMonkeyBusiness traded for $2.1 million.

  • A “CryptoPunk” digital art piece went for nearly $4.4 million.

  • Dolce & Gabbana’s inaugural digital art collection sold for $5.7 million.

These examples are all digital collectibles. You can buy, sell, or trade them using non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

If you’re not familiar with NFTs, they’re digital tokens that allow you to trade all types of assets, including collectibles like art, trading cards, and even music.

The tokens also prove the authenticity and ownership of the assets, like the name-brand collectibles above.

Think of NFTs as digital certificates of authenticity wrapped with a hack-proof title of ownership.

Unlike a paper certificate of authenticity or title to a property, NFTs cannot be hacked, tampered with, or changed because they’re secured by blockchain technology.

These security measures – along with a rising tide of millennial wealth – have led to many NFTs exploding in value…

For instance, one CryptoPunk NFT sold for about 3.5 ETH (worth $443) back in November 2018.

On August 6, 2021, it sold again for 1,500 ETH, worth $4.32 million.

That means this digital caricature handed its previous owner a 988,596% return in less than three years. That’s enough to turn $100 into nearly $1 million.

It’s easy to write all this off as just speculative excess with no long-term value. And that’s what I initially did.

But that was a terrible mistake I want to rectify.

Before I tell you how… let me share a brief story.

What We Can Learn From Bitcoin

I first heard of bitcoin in 2011.

At the time, it was trading at $7, and I thought it was total nonsense. At best, it looked like a bunch of computer geeks trading worthless bits of computer code amongst themselves.

At worst, it looked like a Ponzi scheme.

As longtime readers know, I wouldn’t become a buyer until 2016, when bitcoin hit $428… And that quick snap judgment I made five years earlier ended up costing me untold millions in lost potential profits.

I didn’t jump into bitcoin right away because I didn’t understand the transformational power of its underlying technology – the blockchain. Truthfully, it was because I hadn’t taken the time to understand it.

I wrote it off and put it into the “too difficult to think about right now” bucket of my mind. It wasn’t until 2016 – when I saw how bitcoin had collapsed the year before but was still trading with a multibillion-dollar market cap – that I became intrigued.

When bitcoin collapsed in 2015, I was convinced it was going to zero. When it didn’t go to zero, I realized I had been wrong to dismiss bitcoin in 2011. Really wrong. And that’s when I decided to change my perspective.

In 2016, I flew to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to listen to a talk on bitcoin. It was there that I finally discovered the transformational power of bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology.

When I first really understood what bitcoin and the blockchain were in early 2016, it was like a fire ignited in my brain.

And I knew what I had to do…

From that point on, I knew my whole life had to be about getting as many people as I could into this asset class. Because I knew it was going to change their financial lives for the better.

It was that split-second revelation in early 2016 that gave me the vision to bring you along on this journey. And we’re now sitting on 16,857% gains on bitcoin, with still a long way to go.

Friends, I’m not making the same mistake twice…

It took me five years to finally come around to bitcoin. It’s taken me only a fraction of that time to grasp the explosive potential of NFTs.

So, I’m positioning you in NFTs much earlier than I did with bitcoin at $428 and even Ethereum at $9. And since we’re much earlier, I believe the gains could be even greater.

In tomorrow’s issue, I’ll tell you about the multitrillion-dollar trend in the making I believe will send NFTs to the stratosphere. And how I’ll position you for the chance to make generational wealth from it.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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