Washington, D.C. is about to go on another huge spending spree…

President Biden is pushing a $2 trillion infrastructure plan… while the GOP is counteroffering a much lower $568 billion plan.

In the end, we’ll likely see a proposal somewhere in the middle. But regardless of which plan wins out, it’ll result in a flood of capital rushing into the economy.

And that will burst open what Daily editor Teeka Tiwari calls an “Anomaly Window,” when an event or catalyst will massively increase activity in the market for a certain period of time…

And when these windows open, they can send ordinary, boring blue-chip stocks to crypto-like gains.

On Wednesday, Teeka held an event revealing how you can use the coming Anomaly Window to pull forward 20 years’ worth of gains in as little as 42 days…

And, as a special favor to attendees, he shared the stocks that will benefit from this window – for free. No strings attached.

The replay won’t be up for long, though. So click here to watch it before it’s taken down. Then read on for more moneymaking ideas from Teeka and his team…


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Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily