Blue-chip stocks are some of the safest and most reliable investments you can make.

I’m talking about companies like Walmart, Home Depot, and Coca-Cola.

These are the most elite businesses on the planet. They gush profits and cash flow… have billions in cash in the bank… and pay steady streams of dividends to their shareholders.

Blue chips are reliable workhorses. They’ll appreciate in value over time. And you’ll generate income from the dividends they pay, too.

You just put these stocks in your portfolio and forget about them. And in 30–40 years, you’ll have a comfortable nest egg.

But what if you’re already retired or don’t have 30–40 years to wait to build a nest egg? Or you want to kickstart your wealth-building today? Or you just need money now?

Well, there are unique periods when you can turbocharge gains from blue-chip stocks.

We call them “Anomaly Windows.” And during these windows, blue-chip stocks can see crypto-like gains.

For example, during the last three Anomaly Windows, blue-chip stocks like Home Depot, Cardinal Health, and American Express could have delivered gains of 1,500%, 3,000%, and 6,150%, respectively.

In 2019, Daily editor Teeka Tiwari and I struck on two smaller Anomaly Windows: Brexit and gold merger mania.

We foresaw that uncertainty around Brexit would cause well-run, elite British firms to trade at bargain valuations. And we recognized how the beginnings of a gold bull market would lead to a surge in gold-miner mergers.

We put on a total of 22 trades during those two windows and closed them for 621% average gains.

As you can see, that’s the power of investing during these rare Anomaly Windows. And as I’ll show you below, the next one just opened. And we believe it’ll be the largest window in history…

The Next Window Is Now Open

The current Anomaly Window has to do with the U.S. government’s response to COVID-19.

At the onset of the pandemic, fear and uncertainty reigned. The S&P 500 dropped 34% from February 19 to March 23. As lockdowns ensued, businesses across the country entered unchartered waters.

No one knew how long lockdowns would last. Or how businesses would look in a COVID-induced “new normal.”

President Trump signed into law the $2 trillion CARES Act last March to avoid a complete shutdown of the economy.

And just last month, President Biden signed into law another $1.9 trillion stimulus plan… Meanwhile, the president is pushing Congress to pass his $2.9 trillion infrastructure proposal.

At this point, around $4 trillion in liquidity has entered the market. For perspective, that’s more than the 2008 financial crisis bailouts… FDR’s New Deals (adjusted for inflation)… and the war on terror combined.

And there’s likely more to come…

The thing is, this tidal wave of capital washes ashore in unpredictable ways. On the one hand, some companies are using this liquidity to turbocharge their growth.

On the other hand, some industries are so devastated, even government loans and bailouts can’t help them stem the losses. This is what leads to volatility and wild gyrations in the market.

While we can’t pinpoint exactly how long an Anomaly Window will stay open, we can set ourselves up to potentially make triple-digit gains when we know it’s coming… just like we did during the presidential election, Brexit, and gold-merger mania.

How to Pull Forward a Lifetime’s Worth of Gains

The strategy we use during these Anomaly Windows is called an Instant Cash Payout. With this strategy, we offer shareholders a form of “insurance” on their shares.

Using a unique aspect of the options market, we agree to buy investors’ shares for a specific price, and for a certain length of time, in exchange for an upfront cash payout.

The cash is ours to keep – no matter what happens. And we only have to buy shares if they drop to our agreed-upon price.

Now, we only make these offers on blue-chip companies. Like I mentioned above, these are companies that dominate vital industries.

Here’s the thing…

Our Instant Cash Payouts increase when investors are fearful. Think about it from your own perspective… You’re more likely to pay up for insurance if you feel an event is almost certain to happen. It’s no different in the stock market.

Let me give you an example…

The last time an Anomaly Window opened was during the 2020 U.S. presidential elections. The uncertainty surrounding the outcome created volatility in the market.

From October 23 to the day before Election Day on November 2, the S&P 500 fell 5% − a huge drop in such a short period.

While most investors fretted, we took this as our signal to strike. So we sold options (market insurance) on some of our favorite blue-chips across a handful of alerts. And the returns we saw were incredible.

For instance, we made 612% in 42 days on blue-chip broker Jefferies Group. That’s enough to turn a starting stake of $10,000 into $71,200.

Let’s put that in perspective…

To amass that kind of windfall using the S&P 500’s average annual return of 10% would’ve taken 15 years. With the Jefferies trade alone, that’s like making 61 years’ worth of average stock market gains – in just over one month.

If you’re holding blue-chip stocks, I want to congratulate you… Over the long haul, you’ll build a solid portfolio holding these types of companies.

But if you want to turbocharge your gains from blue-chip stocks, you need to learn about our Instant Cash Payout method.

That’s why last week, Big T held a special event to show you how you can pull forward 20 years’ worth of stock-market gains in a few weeks during these windows.

He even shared the stocks we’re using to take advantage of the next Anomaly Window… absolutely free… with no strings attached.

You can click here to watch the replay.

Invest Wisely!

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