It’s hard for the not-yet-rich to build wealth these days. But that’s why Daily editor Teeka Tiwari writes newsletters… to help everyday people move the needle on their net worth.

And this past week, Teeka and his team showed you how, including how to grow your wealth through compounding and recognize megatrends in the early innings. Because the earlier you get in, the more money you’ll make.

Catch up on those strategies and more in our weekly recap…

Why I Do What I Do
Over the years, PBRG guru Teeka Tiwari has been approached many times to manage money for the ultra-rich. But there’s one reason why he continues to write newsletters

The Secret to Turning One Penny Into $1 Million
The power of compounding has helped investors like Warren Buffett amass a fortune. It’s one of the surest ways to build wealth, but there’s a catch

Big Money Is Flooding Into This Sector
The key to making big money is following big money. And you don’t need to pay a hedge fund manager to track them and ride along for profits

This Industry’s Fear and Fantasy Will Hand You Profits
In early-stage megatrends, the market is full of cycles of fear and fantasy. Right now, we’re seeing fear grip the legal cannabis industry megatrend. But here’s why you should look ahead to the next upcoming cycle of fantasy

Buy Into This Megatrend at Dirt-Cheap Prices
While the federal government drags its feet, the states are taking matters into their own hands. And right now, they’re the main catalyst behind this unstoppable trend


Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily