Imagine it’s October 2014. And I gave you $100,000 to invest.

There’s one catch, though: You could either put the entire $100,000 in the S&P 500 or bury all the money in your backyard and sit on the sidelines.

Which option do you think would’ve made you more money?

Of course, today, the answer is crystal clear…

A $100,000 investment in the stock market would be worth $232,000 today. Meanwhile, inflation would have eroded the buying power of your $100,000 to $85,331.

This scenario isn’t as far-fetched as it may seem. And the answer wasn’t so cut-and-dry seven years ago.

You see, in 2014 I gave a keynote speech to a sold-out audience at our annual PBRG Infinity conference. It’s an exclusive event reserved for our best subscribers.

At the time, the previous bull market was just over five years old. The S&P 500 was above 2,000. But many investors back then didn’t believe it could continue roaring higher.

One speaker even recommended burying your money in your backyard and staying out of the stock market altogether.

When I took the stage, I offered the exact opposite advice.

I told everyone in the room we were on the doorstep of a massive rally in stocks… and that everyone should dive headfirst into equities.

To say people thought I was nuts was an understatement. The more polite members of the crowd muttered to themselves. The bolder ones told me to my face how wrong I was.

People I respected and liked were all but telling me to my face that I was a fool. I laughed it off… but it hurt. “Was I wrong?” I wondered to myself.

I reexamined the facts. They screamed, “Buy, buy, buy.” So I decided to brush off the naysayers and stick to my guns… And boy, I’m glad I did.

Time has proved me right. Since my 2014 speech, the S&P 500 is up over 132%. And stocks I’ve recommended along the way like Nvidia have been up as much as 4,901%.

Meanwhile, if you buried all of your cash in the backyard as the other speaker recommended, inflation actually ate away at your savings.

I’m still mad at myself because I should’ve done more to convince more people to get into stocks in 2014.

I didn’t because I was afraid to look foolish. I vowed never to buckle under self-centered fears like that again.

In 2016, I had a chance to redeem myself… and I did.

America’s Retirement Crisis

That’s when I first recommended bitcoin at about $400. Subscribers who followed my initial bullish call on bitcoin would have seen peak returns of 15,055%. That’s enough to turn every $1,000 into $151,550.

Today, I’m proud to say I continue to promote crypto assets with everything I have in me. In my opinion, crypto has – and will – continue to change the lives of my subscribers for the better.

I mention all of this because we’re facing a retirement crisis in America…

According to a recent survey by GOBankingRates, 64% of Americans say they expect to retire with less than $10,000 in their retirement savings accounts.

However, the average American worker believes they’ll need to save at least $1.7 million to retire comfortably.

If you’re at or near retirement age and fall into that 64% of Americans who have less than $10,000 in their retirement accounts… you need a way to close that gap quickly.

In 2014, I would’ve told you the answer was the stock market. But unless you’re already rich and willing to risk massive amounts of money… you just can’t make a fortune in just a few months from investing in the S&P 500 or Nasdaq like you once could.

Since 2008, the S&P 500 has averaged 10% gains annually. If you put $10,000 in the index at the start of the bull market, it’d be worth $66,900 today.

And it would still take you 54 more years to save $1.7 million.

That’s why I went to work… searching high and low for an idea that could give ordinary Americans the shot at life-changing gains without putting their current lifestyles at risk.

Don’t Bury Your Cash – Buy This Instead

Right now, the lowest-risk, highest-reward way I know to bridge that gap to $1 million or more in retirement is a group of cryptos I call “Catch-Up Coins.”

Less than 1% of people realize they exist… And yet, one Catch-Up Coin alone can represent an entire lifetime of wealth creation.

And you don’t need much to get started…

Just $500 invested in my past “Catch-Up Coins” when I recommended them would have grown into as much as $75,500, $178,500, $242,350, and even $750,000 in 10 months.

Combined, that’s a total of $1,244,350 in profits… More than enough to retire comfortably off a few $500 bets.

That’s why we’re seeing Big Money adopt crypto assets.

As I wrote recently, Deloitte’s Blockchain Survey found 76% of executives in Asia, Europe, and the Americas believe digital assets will serve as a strong alternative to – or an outright replacement for – fiat currencies in the next 5–10 years.

Friends, ask yourself this: Do you want to listen to people who have a demonstrated track record of amassing billions of dollars in wealth? Or do you want to listen to analysts and commentators who aren’t even millionaires – let alone billionaires?

I know that’s harsh… And I want you to know I understand a person’s value isn’t in the size of their wallet. But when it comes to giving you guidance on what to do with your money… you better believe the size of a person’s wallet matters.

That’s because we’re talking about potentially life-changing money you could lose out on if you listen to the wrong people.

I want to share with you what I’m seeing and how you can use it to bridge the gap between the financial life you have now and the life you want in the future… And how to do it in as little as 10 months.

So this Wednesday, September 15, at 8 p.m. ET, I’m holding my first-ever “Catch-Up Coin Hyper Boom” event.

During this event, I’ll discuss the details on six new Catch-Up Coins I believe can bridge the gap between the life you have now and the life you want in the future.

Plus, I’ll also reveal the name of my No.1 Catch-Up Coin absolutely free just for attending. (It’s a coin I’ve never released publicly before.)

When I’ve given away the name of my top coins in past events like this, you could’ve made an average of more than 17 times your money. That means just spending the night with me could be the best investment you’ll ever make.

Friends, if you end up with no exposure to these “Catch-Up Coins,” it’d be like burying your money in the backyard during the most epic stock market run in history.

This is your rare shot at a second chance. And I don’t want you to miss it. So click here to join me on Wednesday, September 15 at 8 p.m. ET.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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