Is the “702(j) Retirement Plan” a scamFrom Marvin Schulz, staff writer, Palm Beach Research Group:

I’m skeptical by nature. When it comes to marketing—especially online—I’m always on guard. I imagine you are, too. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The fact that you’re reading this tells me two things about you. First, you’ve just heard about the “702(j) Retirement Plan,” probably through one of our special video reports. Second, you’re on the fence about signing up. You want reassurance this isn’t a scam.

I do this all the time. I gather as much information as possible before buying a product.

So let’s get straight to the point here…

Is the “702(j) Retirement Plan” a scam?

Let’s be honest. Some websites claim we’re scammers. I’m sure you’ve seen them. If not, Google it. There are people out there who claim investing in the plan is a bad idea.

But they don’t know half of the facts we’ve gathered over years.

Tom Dyson (our publisher), Tim Mittelstaedt (our director of product development), and our researchers, analysts, and editors have spent thousands of hours researching the “702(j) Retirement Plan” over the past four years.

So, is the “702(j) Retirement Plan” a scam?

Let’s look at some feedback we’ve collected from our readers. In just our first year of publishing, we received over 1,000 rave testimonials.

“I have learned more about investing from your newsletter than any of the others I have subscribed to in the last 30 years.”
—Dr. Deepak C

“Thank you for the insightful and honest guidance you have provided. I have only been a subscriber for 8 months, and my portfolio is up 78%.”
—Linda M.

“I have made more on the ideas in The Palm Beach Letter, and worry less about them, than any of the other newsletters I subscribe to.”
—Dr. Chris B.

Next, let’s look at some facts.

All the facts we present here have been authenticated—some, under oath. (Our publisher, Tom Dyson, recently signed an affidavit.) Our lawyers would tear us apart for using false or unauthenticated claims in any of our marketing.

10 proven facts about the “702(j) Retirement Plan”

The “702(j) Retirement Plan” lets you…

  • Grow your money at up to 5% over the long term
  • Have a contractual guaranteed minimum growth rate of 4%
  • Compound your money tax-deferred (pay no taxes on gains each year)
  • Completely avoid risk of principal loss—meaning you can sleep at
  • night knowing your account balance won’t go down in value (even if the stock market crashes 50% tomorrow)
  • Safeguard your money in a place with a century-long track record of safety.

But that’s not all. With the “702(j) Retirement Plan” you can also…

  • Protect your money from creditors or lawsuits (in most states)
  • Contribute unlimited amounts to it (unlike an IRA or a 401(k))
  • Avoid reporting it to the IRS come tax time
  • Access your money anytime without penalty or withholding taxes
  • Build a line of credit to use for any reason—no questions asked.

With all these proven benefits, it’s no surprise many of the world’s most powerful financial institutions are heavily invested in these accounts.

Banks are heavily invested in the “702(j) Retirement Plan”

Tom worked as an accountant for two of the world’s largest banks—Salomon
Brothers and Citibank—in London. He uncovered this:

More than 3,500 banks are invested in the “702(j) Retirement Plan,” but you never hear them talk about this to their customers. Amongst them, three stand out.

  • Bank of America has $18.5 billion tucked away in these accounts.
  • Citibank has $4.5 billion hidden in its own secret accounts.
  • And JPMorgan Chase conceals $9.8 billion in this type of account.

But it isn’t just banks that are taking full advantage of this account.

Vice President Joe Biden, for example, recently admitted in a speech he has no individual savings, and he doesn’t buy stocks on his own. But he does have money in a “702(j) Retirement Plan.” And it safely—and steadily—accumulates interest at a rate 40-60 times faster than most bank accounts.

Remember, those are certified facts.

What do you think by now? Is the “702(j) Retirement Plan” a scam?

If you’re still unsure, how about this?

The “702(j) Retirement Plan” comes with a clear-cut 100% money-back guarantee

Yes, that’s right.

Sign up today, and you’ll receive your copy of Tom Dyson’s new book, The Big Black Book of Income Secrets, including the “702(j) Retirement Plan”, and a special report on Social Security from the Palm Beach Research Group… plus, you’ll get to test drive The Palm Beach Letter for 60 days.

If none of the reports help you improve your financial situation—or if you don’t like what you read—just call in and cancel your subscription. And you’ll get to keep everything we sent you within those 60 days.

Could this be fairer? Let us know if you think we could make this offer more transparent, contact us.

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