Having a plan for all market environments is a key difference between novice investors and the pros. You see, plans keep emotions in check when volatility rears its ugly head—as it’s doing now.

So instead of panic-selling, these pullbacks make it the perfect time to establish new positions. That’s why below, we’ve identified the money-making opportunities to take advantage of everything from the next crypto rally to President Trump’s market-moving policies.

And remember, stick to your own plan—and don’t sweat these short-term market swings…

Teeka Tiwari on President Trump’s Revenge—Part 3
You could simply invest in a fund tracking the market and just do okay. But we find opportunities that’ll outperform the market—including two industries set to profit from President Trump’s major policies

The Next Bitcoin Rally Is Underway
You don’t have to be a financial wizard to see the writing on the wall: Crypto is going mainstream. And if you’ve been following our work, this shouldn’t come as a surprise

How to Make Upfront Cash as the Trade War Heats Up
Rising trade tensions are rattling the market again. And when volatility spikes like this, most investors panic-sell. Yet we see it as a money-making opportunity instead

A Truckload of Money Is Headed Into Crypto
Bitcoin has made over a 100% gain in only a few weeks. But is this just a short-term spike or is it the beginning of a new crypto bull market?

Wall Street Insider: Three Reasons to Stay in Stocks
Negative news headlines are everywhere—sparking fear and uncertainty in the markets. Rather than listen to the media, though, you should ignore the noise and do this instead


Nick Rokke
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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