James Altucher

From James Altucher, editor, The Altucher Report: Sometimes, you need to hire people. But triple-question this. Because once you hire them, you can’t fire them…

Are you sure you aren’t hiring someone for a task you can do yourself? For instance, you don’t need a secretary to book your plane flights and make restaurant reservations. Do it yourself.

Or sales. The founder should be the sales guy for the first $10 million in revenue.

Don’t hire five programmers. Studies show the difference between a good programmer and a bad one is about 10:1. Hire one great one and pay double what you’d pay five mediocre programmers individually.

The success of a business, the success of a relationship, the success of an artistic scene—are all going to be determined by the people you surround yourself with.

If someone isn’t an A+, he’s an F. He or she might later become an A+… but if your only choice is an F, don’t hire anyone.

And don’t hire if you don’t have at least six months’ cash in the bank to support the hire.

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