Regardless of what you think about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it’s thrown a spotlight on how important oil is to our national security…

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden issued an executive order banning Russian energy imports – including oil and gas – to the United States.

Now, the U.S. only imports about 3% of its oil from Russia. But it accounts for nearly 21% of our imports for one particular petroleum product: gasoline.

That’s far more than any other country. And it means more pain at the pump.

To combat rising gas prices, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon called on Biden to develop a modern-day “Marshall Plan” to boost domestic energy production.

Under the original Marshall Plan, the U.S. spent $13 billion to help rebuild Western Europe after World War II. That’s about $218 billion in today’s dollars.

According to a report in Axios, on Wednesday Dimon urged the government to create a modern-day Marshall Plan to achieve U.S. energy independence.

Here’s the thing…

The same day Dimon spoke to the Biden administration behind closed doors… Daily editor Teeka Tiwari was holding a special U.S. Energy Independence Summit.

During the briefing, Teeka released details about a tiny company in the American heartland that’s found a way to produce environmentally sound oil – without drilling and fracking – and do it at a cheaper cost than anywhere else in the world.

And get this… After vetting this company, JPMorgan wrote a check to become its largest shareholder.

With $2.87 trillion in assets, JPMorgan is the largest U.S. bank. It’s made a great deal of that money by turning crisis into opportunity.

And it’s about to do it again…

The tiny company JPMorgan is backing has the potential to produce 1 billion barrels of oil. That’s five times the amount we import from Russia.

And for the first time, you can get a seat at the table on the same terms as one of the largest, most powerful banking firms in the world.

During his briefing, Teeka discussed the technology the company is using to create low-cost energy… and how you can get shares for just $1.25 with a small $500 investment.

JPMorgan isn’t just calling for U.S. energy independence. It’s actually investing billions of dollars in it. And you can join them.

To learn more, watch the free replay of Teeka’s Energy Summit right here… But you must act soon. Once this private deal is full, it’s gone.


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Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily