Bob Irish

From Bob Irish, retirement expert, Palm Beach Research Group: If you want to learn a new language for free, consider these three options…

  • Duolingo: This free program listens, speaks, translates to and from the target language, and provides multiple-choice tasks. And with the convenience of using the app on your smartphone, there’s no reason not to start learning a language right away.

    A recent study found using Duolingo for 34 hours could result in a level of reading and writing comparable to a college course of 130-plus hours.

    The study also compared the program to Rosetta Stone. It found Rosetta Stone users needed an average of 20-25 more hours to learn the same amount of material.

  • Open Culture: This program for free language learning offers 48 languages. Open Culture has gathered online lessons from the Foreign Service Institute, iTunes, the BBC, the University of Cambridge Language Centre, and a number of other sources to provide a wide variety of options.

  • Memrise: Yet another excellent free option.

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