I feel deeply for what many Americans have gone through this year…

While I was not born in the United States, I’ve always felt like an American born in the wrong country. I grew up in Britain’s foster care system with nothing. Some nights I was fed… and some nights I wasn’t.

By the time I came to the States at 16, I had scraped up $150. But even in 1987, $150 didn’t go far. Times were tough. I worked three jobs and even with that, there were days when I didn’t have money to eat.

But four years later, I became vice president at one of America’s oldest and most respected investment banks – the youngest in the firm’s history. And that is the beauty of America.

America gave me the chance to build the dream life I wanted. I owe America a lot. I thank my maker every day for the incredible luck I had by being able to come here.

That’s why it’s been hard to stomach what our country has had to endure this year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has killed over 214,000 people in America. That’s terrible enough. But it’s also devastated the U.S. economy…with more than 12 million people unemployed. And Congress and the White House are at an impasse on stimulus talks.

Of course, America’s not the only country dealing with this crisis. But regardless of your politics, I think we can agree this past year has put our country’s citizens through the wringer – and prompted many of them to give up on their American Dream.

Most folks would probably be happy to just breakeven by next year. But I’m writing to you today to tell you to hold onto your dream.

How to Bounce Back From 2020

If you feel like you’ve lost control of your financial destiny, believe me, I know what you’re feeling. I’ve been there.

Even when I made it on Wall Street, I still suffered setbacks. While I made plenty of money in the ’90s buying beaten-down junk bonds and technology stocks, by late 1998, I’d lost everything. I even thought about taking my own life so that my wife could collect on the insurance policy.

On the road to creating my own lasting wealth, I made and then lost tens of millions of dollars.

But each defeat had buried within it the seeds of my ultimate success. I just had to wipe away the figurative (and sometimes literal) tears of pain to find the lesson I needed to learn. And each lesson I learned from each defeat got me one more step down the path of creating lasting wealth.

So here’s my bounce-back blueprint…

First things first: Don’t beat yourself up. Whether a setback is directly your fault or not… you gain nothing by calling yourself names. Treat yourself with respect and forgiveness.

Second, take responsibility and find a solution. It might not be your fault you’re in this mess… but it’s your responsibility to get yourself out of it. It might not be fair, but you can’t let the unfairness of a situation bind you to inaction.

Third thing is: Take measured steps. Here’s what I mean…

In times like we’re in now… it’s tempting to want to take massive risks to try and recoup your lost wealth all at once. STOP. Please don’t do that. It never works.

The key to bouncing back is you want to build multiple streams of low-risk, reliable income.

You can then take a portion of that income and use it to swing for the fences. This way, you never, ever put your lifestyle at risk if your speculations don’t work out.

Using this approach, I was able to bounce back from my setbacks even wealthier than I was before – without putting my current lifestyle at risk. The same is possible for you, too.

Now, I don’t want to downplay the tragedy caused by the pandemic. But whatever obstacles 2020 has thrown your way, I want you to know you can overcome them.

In fact, I’ve uncovered a strategy that could help you turn 2020 completely around…

Wall Street’s Secret Weapon

Here’s the thing: While most Americans have been suffering financially during this crisis… the wealthy are getting even wealthier.

In the first 12 weeks of the pandemic, we saw over 40 million people lose their jobs. And in that same span, billionaires have gotten a half-trillion dollars richer.

One of the strategies they’re using is an approach Barron’s calls a “secret” to most ordinary investors. Yet, it doesn’t involve quant trading… cryptos… or pre-IPO investing.

Instead, they’re making their billions from safe, ordinary blue-chip stocks. And while they’re telling you to wait 20… 30… or even 40 years to achieve your dream from the stock market… they’re pulling forward almost 39 years’ worth of profits in as little as 28 trading days.

This idea involves a rare “Anomaly Window” that opens every four years like clockwork during the presidential election. I’ve never seen Wall Street promote this window. My guess is they make so much money from it, they’d rather keep it to themselves.

What’s incredible about this Anomaly Window is it’s the only time I’ve seen “boring” blue-chip stocks offer massive, life-changing gains.

During the last three “Anomaly Windows,” safe blue-chip stocks like Home Depot, Cardinal Health, and American Express could have delivered gains of 1,500%, 3,000%, and 6,150%, respectively.

These “Anomaly Windows” last, on average, 28 trading days. And the latest one just opened.

Last week, I shared the names of 30 elite stocks that could benefit from this Anomaly Window. More than 20,000 people tuned in. And you can watch the replay right here.

Friends, I want you to picture your American Dream right now. Whether it’s putting your kids through college debt-free… buying your own ranch out west… or just retiring early and living the life you want to – you still have time to achieve it.

I know 2020 has been a rough year for all of us. So if you’re looking to kickstart your American Dream again, I ask you to click here and watch my presentation.

And let me show you how you can safely put yourself back on the path of living the life you want to live in the next 28 days.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily