Mark and Jake

From Jake Richards, international liaison, the Wealth Builders Club: It was how you’d imagine a United Nations conference would be…

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to attend the inaugural 2015 Brazilian Wealth Builders Conference with Mark in São Paulo.

The Wealth Builders Club launched in Brazil in 2014. Demand for the Club skyrocketed when the Brazilian publishing team added Mark’s successful newsletter, Creating Wealth (or Criando Riqueza). It broke the 100,000 subscriber mark within months.

Following the conference, the team hosted a private rooftop lunch for Mark and 10 Wealth Builders Club Brazil members.

The members shared unique stories about how they came to the Club… and how they’re benefiting from it. You can watch a sample below.

It was inspiring to see Mark’s teachings come to life in Brazil. Each time we travel—the previous conference was in Mumbai, India—I see the same appreciation for Mark’s dedication to subscribers’ wealth-building endeavors. And the admiration goes both ways…


The Club is growing fast. Most American members may not realize it, but they have thousands of colleagues in France, Spain, Argentina, India, South Africa, the U.K., Australia, and Chile… in addition to Brazil and the U.S.

There are even more chapters in the works.

Here’s the most exciting part: The Club is launching a new website and forum where all members can network with their peers in other chapters.

For example, a U.S. Club member might team up on an information technology (IT) venture with a member in India. Or international members may invest in U.S. real estate by partnering with an American sponsor.

If you’ve ever considered becoming a Club member, the U.S. chapter is now accepting new members… but the sign-up window is closing soon.


Mark in São Paulo with Wealth Builders Club Brazil members.