If you’ve been following me the past two weeks, you know I’ve been warning about a major development coming to the crypto market.

On Wednesday night, I held an event to explain what this panic is… and my playbook for profiting from it. It’s called Big T’s FINAL Call: June 2023.

More than 6,000 people attended. And I got a ton of questions during my Q&A session… But I didn’t have time to answer them all.

So in today’s Daily, I wanted to address some of the more pressing questions I received during my briefing that I couldn’t get to.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can click here to stream the replay.

So let’s get to your questions…

Q: I keep hearing about a regulatory crackdown on crypto in the United States. What does this mean for crypto investors, and should we be worried?

A: This is an excellent question. It really cuts to the heart of where I believe most of the fear is in the crypto space right now.

I’ll tell you this: The only people who should be worried about a regulatory crackdown are the people who’ve been using crypto fraudulently.

These are people who have been masquerading Ponzi schemes as crypto projects.

We’ve seen fraudsters across all asset classes, from stocks to real estate. And they should be afraid of a regulatory crackdown.

But when it comes to Wall Street firms… They’re not afraid of a regulatory crackdown. If they were, they wouldn’t be getting involved in this space.

Take BlackRock for example. It’s the world’s largest asset manager, with $10 trillion assets under management (AUM). It plans to offer bitcoin investing to its institutional clients.

And Fidelity is the third-largest asset manager, with over $4.2 trillion AUM. It already offers crypto trading for its 30 million customers.

These firms will bring in billions of dollars in new capital and customers to crypto. For that to happen, you have to have regulatory guardrails.

So again, crypto criminals should absolutely be scared of a crackdown by U.S. regulators.

But for law-abiding citizens like you and I – and large financial institutions that are making it easier for people to buy crypto – no, we shouldn’t be worried at all.

Q: During your broadcast, you mentioned the new development happening in crypto would usher in the next generation of the internet. Can you expand on that?

A: I know this may seem hard to believe… But an evolution of the internet is taking shape before our very eyes.

And crypto’s underlying blockchain technology will be at its base.

As I explained during my special Big T’s FINAL Call event, we call that base Web3. (You can stream the replay right here.)

Web1 was the early iteration of the internet until about 2000. You could use it to read websites… search for information… and buy items on websites like Amazon and eBay.

Web2 is the version you’re using now. It allows mobile computing… social networks like Facebook and Twitter… and multiplayer games.

It birthed the “Big Data” industry… machine learning… and search algorithms like you see on Google or Netflix.

Web3 will be a paradigm shift for the internet.

Rather than accessing the internet through services mediated by companies like Google, Apple, or Facebook – you can actually own and govern sections of the internet in Web3.

Web3 doesn’t require “permission” or central authorities that decide who gets to access what services.

It also doesn’t require “trust” or an intermediary to facilitate virtual transactions between two or more parties.

I know this sounds far-fetched. But the idea of sending email over a computer or streaming movies on a smartphone also seemed far-fetched at one time.

The most important thing to know is this: With Web3, you won’t be able to just send data to other people like in Web2, but also anything of value, too.

Anyone using Web3 can make a loan, borrow money, transfer real estate, or even trade fractions of the value of famous paintings with a click of the mouse.

Blockchain technology makes all this effortlessly possible.

Q: Why do you believe the cryptos underpinning the New Crypto Internet will hand investors the biggest gains going forward?

A: Well, first thing is I can’t guarantee anything. Nobody can.

When I recommended bitcoin at $400, I couldn’t guarantee that it was going to go to as high as $68,000.

When I recommended Ethereum at $9, I couldn’t guarantee that it would go to almost $5,000.

But what I could do was apply a research methodology that said these assets – under certain scenarios – would go much higher in price.

So as I look at this New Crypto Internet, and I see the way developers are incentivizing usage of their protocols… and how these protocols will be built into everyday pieces of software and hardware that we use… where the end user won’t have to be aware of the fact they’re actually using crypto…

That tells me usage of this technology is going to take a gigantic leap.

According to some researchers, crypto will go from 300 million users to 5 billion users. That’s how you create massive, gigantic wealth.

You can look at the stock market. You can look at the early days of television. You can look at the early days of print media. You can look at the early days of the telephone. You can look at the early days of electricity.

Once you take what was a fringe technology – and believe me, electricity was a fringe technology when it first came out – and then you scale it to hundreds of millions of people and then billions of people… The gains are life-changing. They’re insane.

And that’s why I believe that this subsector has the potential to hand us the biggest gains as we see crypto go mainstream.

Q: When do you think we will see a new high in bitcoin, and what are your price targets for 2023 and 2024?

A: I’m always asked to peer into my crystal ball and give very specific prophecies. I’m not Nostradamus, but I’ll take my best shot at this particular question.

So generally speaking, bitcoin sees new highs within about a year of a halving event.

A halving event occurs every four years. It’s when the issuance of new bitcoin gets cut in half – hence the name. The next halving is in May 2024.

So between 2024 and 2025, I believe you’ll probably see bitcoin hit at least $100,000. Between now and the end of the decade, I believe bitcoin will trade closer to a half-million dollars.

Now, will that be a straight line? No.

It’ll be a winding road, the way it’s always been with bitcoin.

I’ve lived through more 50% drops in bitcoin than I have with any other asset class in my life. I’ve also lived through a few 85% drops.

What I’ve always said is that the path between where we are and where I believe bitcoin will go is going to be a winding one. And I have no control over it.

So I’ve always counseled my readers to pull back the camera and stay focused on the big picture of where I believe this asset will go long term.

Back in 2016, I said bitcoin is going to $20,000. And it hit $20,000.

In 2018, I said it’s going to $40,000. We went to $40,000.

At that time, I said we would then hit $60,000. A few weeks later, bitcoin blasted pass that level.

So again, this is a process of adoption. And as adoption accelerates, we’ll see higher and higher highs.

But along the way, you have to know that we’ll also see volatility. And that’s just part of the game.

But again, to answer the question, I think during the next halving process, between 2024–25, we’ll see about $100,000 BTC.

By the end of the decade, I’m forecasting $500,000 BTC.

Q: I’m a big believer in crypto. So how do I get the people I love into this asset class? Their minds are closed… And I feel like they’re missing a huge opportunity.

A: You know, this is a really unfortunate situation. As much money as I’ve personally made for myself and others from crypto… There are just some people who can’t get their head around this asset class.

I had a similar experience when Apple came out with the iPhone. I would say to people, “Look, this is transformational. This is a game-changer.” And they’d reply, “Oh, that’s just for kids. It’s just a toy.”

In fact, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer dismissed the iPhone when it first came out.

So some people will have a closed mind no matter what. And there’s really nothing you can do for them.

You should thank your lucky stars that you’re open-mined enough to see there’s a huge opportunity in crypto.

And the beautiful thing about this asset class is that because it’s still so small… You don’t need to invest a lot to make a lot.

It’s not like the stock market. The stock market is so large now that you have to already be rich in order for the stock market to really move the needle on your net worth because markets go up 8–10% per year on average.

So unless you already have a lot of money, 8–10% per year on average just won’t do anything for you.

But my track record includes cryptos that have gone up 10x, 50x, 100x, even 1,000x. These are the insane moves that can turn tiny grubstakes into life-changing gains.

So maybe the best thing for you to do for your loved ones is to buy them some crypto. Store it in a wallet and give it to them… Or just buy some crypto and don’t tell them about it and put it aside.

And when it grows in value, give it to them as a gift. There’s nothing like money – a lot of money – for teaching people how to see the opportunity in something.

But again, don’t drive yourself crazy. There are some people who – no matter what you say – will never understand crypto because they don’t want to.

Fortunately, those types of people appear to be getting fewer and fewer.

OK, friends, I’ll wrap it up here. If you haven’t watched my special Big T’s FINAL Call event, you can still stream it right here.

Let the Game Come to You!

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